My name is Gianna and my family pronounces it as Je-Ahn-Na.
This must be a really good name for it to rise 67 spots in one year, also I think this name is ok.
So beautiful and tender. I think of a "teacher's pet" type of girl when I hear this name.
The Italian and Greek meanings should be separate entities. Just saying.
I'm really happy that this name is getting some recognition because it's very beautiful and charming. Legions ahead of some of the other filler anna names.
Wow, this name shot up a lot from 2019 to 2020. I guess it's because of Gianna Bryant?
This name jumped 67 (!) positions from #79 in 2019 to #12 in 2020 because of the death of Gianna Bryant.
Rest in serene peace, Gianna Bryant...
Very girly and pretty name.
Pronounced Gee-Ahna
Or Gee-anna.
Idk... what's nice about Jee-ahn-uh, which is how everyone's going to say it in the US?
I love Gianna nicknamed Gigi.
I love this name, I think it's a perfect name for a baby girl and I love how it has all these different meanings.
Kobe Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, died in a helicopter crash on January 20th, 2020 alongside her father and seven other passengers.
Most people get my name SO wrong. They, for some reason, even spell it wrong! When they do find out how to though, they always tell me how beautiful it is. My name is pronounced (jie-ah-nah)
People call me Gia or Gina. Sometimes Giovanni! I also get called G a lot. Gianna is a beautiful name, I like it a lot.
My name is Gianna and I get called lots of different names. Some of them I don’t like, like Gina (G-na) or like Ginna (G- i- na). Sometimes people make fun of my name. People even get jealous cause I’m Italian and I have an Italian name, so yeah. Gianna is one of the most amazing names ever! I also get called G A LOT!
My name is Gianna and people call me a ton of different things (because I honestly don’t care). A lot of my friends call me “G”, guys often try and call me Gia. The girls on my dance team call me Anna. My parents and siblings call me “G” or Gianna. A lot of people assume I have Italian heritage (my parents both are from Berlin) and I’ve been told that my name and the nickname Gia are very beautiful names.
When I hear Jahn - ah, I really just hear Gi - auhn - ah slurred, which, as far as I can tell, is typical of the Italian and French vowels. So, really, I think both are correct pronunciations, it just depends on how you hear it mentally or what you prefer. Personally, I think Giana is a nicer spelling, and I mentally hear Gi - ah - nuh, even when people swear they're saying Jahn - ah, but that could just be from me living in the US my entire life. I know a Giana who goes by Gigi, which I like. Plus, it's pronounced like Yana in Greek, which is really a very nice name, though probably better spelled Yana or Jana.
My cousin’s eldest is named Gianna. I love it.
I don’t like “Gianna” much but I know somebody who spells it “Jyana” and I like that better. It’s really pronounced “jee-awn-Uh” but none of the teachers could say it so now everyone just calls her “John-uh”, spelled “Jana.”.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Gianna who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 998th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I have the name Giana. I am Italian and Irish, more Irish than anything. People call me Anna, Gia, GiGi, and Gg! It is a very beautiful name to me and I will always love it.
Gianna Maria Canale (12 September 1927 – 13 February 2009) was an Italian film actress.
There's lots of different pronunciations of the name 'Gianna', but I know a Gianna and she pronounces it 'JAH-NA'. People usually call her, mistakenly, 'JEE-AH-NA', but she politely corrects them every time. It seems to me that she dislikes the pronunciation 'JEE-AH-NA'. I don't mind the name, but then I'm used to unusual names (Since my group of friends are called Rhiannon, Gianna, Halley, and Kirsty (me)).
I strongly prefer Giovanna, which sounds much stronger and more beautiful to me. Gianna is nice too, but the English pronunciation sounds a bit too much like Briana for me, a name that I don't really like. I rather dislike the Italian pronunciation of JAH-na as well, because then it sounds too much like John, another name I don't like.
The name Gianna is a baby girl name. The name Gianna comes from an Italian origin. In Italian the meaning of the name Gianna is: God is gracious. Now, in Italian:
L nome Gianna è un nome di bambina. Il nome deriva dal Gianna origine italiana. In italiano Il significato del nome Gianna è : Dio è misericordioso. Now that is Italian, if you can read Italian, YOU ROCK! I am also Maltese.
I am full-out Italiano, and my sister's name is Gianna, it is in fact, pronounced, JOHN-AWH, only Italian people would know that. Just sayin' some of you are saying it WRONG! Sbagliato! Italian for wrong.

Sono pieno - out Italiano, e il nome di mia sorella è Gianna, è infatti, pronunciato, JOHN - AWH, solo popolo italiano avrebbe saputo che. Solo dicendo ' alcuni di voi stanno dicendo male! Sbagliato! Italiano per sbagliato.
Italian version of that sentence.
I have had the name Gianna for nearly 60 years. We pronounce it Ge Anna. My great aunt had a sister, Gertrude Anna. She hated the name Gertrude so started going by G. Anna, allowing for the hard G sound. When I was born my parents named me Gianna and pronounced it with the hard G like my aunt's sister. I never considered it old fashioned and have always liked my name because nobody else ever had the same name.
Yes I am Irish, but my wife is Sicilian. The name Gianna is a beautiful Italian name, after Saint Gianna Molli. If you are Italian, you respect it, those who disrespect this name or say its 'Jersey Shore' are basically morons, and do not have Italian blood. Well unless they are Italian Putanas. It is not a spoiled name, and if you are Catholic, realize the holiness of this Saint's name. So leave my daughter's name out of your moronic mouth! Gee- Ah- Na, is the proper pronunciation. People get confused because it is a derivative of John, but is not pronounced properly as John-na.
This is my niece's name, Gianna Esther. I am not fond of it, it's too generic for my tastes. Plus my cousin's daughter has a name very similar to it. And it gets confusing.
This name screams Jersey Shore. I don't like it.
Alright, I feel the need to clear up this JOHN/JAHN-na vs jee-AHN-na thing. You're both right. In a way. When speaking Italian, you say every single vowel; however, you also speak VERY quickly. So it does make sense that people would say JOHN-na, and the even closer JAHN-na (with that I influencing). However, technically, it IS jee-AHN-na BUT, the Italians speak so fast that they mush it together. (Making it basically a jeeahn-na.) Of course, it's not pronounced like the American, jee-AHN-na, which butchers the middle syllables pronunciation, and also tends to emphasize the first syllable.
I have this unique position of hearing both Italian spoken slowly (from my Italian teacher who is Italian and so would know all the pronunciations) and quickly (by immersing myself in audio and video from Italy and having been there.) And so I feel like I have a clear idea of what is going on here. I don't know what would be the best way to put the pronunciation. But I think shortening it to just JAHN-na takes away the beauty of this name somewhat.
I know two Giannas and they both pronounce it jee-AH-nuh. I've never met a Gianna who didn't.
A famous bearer is the Italian rock star Gianna Nannini (born 1954).
This name is very common in the United States - currently ranked as the 63rd most popular girls name.
Italian saint Gianna Beretta Molla canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2004. Gianna died sacrificing her own life for that of her fourth child.
I really don't like this name. It sounds like a stripper name.
I like this name a lot. It seems like another version of Anna and I prefer Gianna over plain Anna. To me, Anna is getting, or should I say has gotten boring, haha! That's why the "Gi" adds some spice to Anna, yes.
Words can't describe how much I hate this trashy name. It sounds like the name of a spoiled Italian-American princess who's parents buy her the latest Coach bag and designer sunglasses. I despise this name and all of the people I've met with it. It's not pretty at all either.
I've only ever heard it pronounced 'GEE-YAWN-UH' in a heavy Philly accent though, 'JOHN-A' sounds nicer and more authentically Italian. I don't mind the name Gian at all. So if you must use this name, go with that pronunciation.
Oh boy. This is a real name. You can't just make up however you want to say it! The closest you can come to spelling out the correct way of pronouncing it is JAHN-AH. No GEE-AWN-AH or anything else. If you're going to make up a pronunciation, make up a different spelling.
I have been pronouncing this for ages as GEE-AH-NA, but I think JAHN-A and JOHN-A are a lot nicer. Nicknames could be Gigi, Anna, Nanna etc.
I love this name, but where I live, so many little girls have this name that anywhere you go, you'll be bound to run into at least three.
Selena Gomez played Gianna in Barney and Friends.
Gianna is a really gorgeous name. I pronounce it, as do most people as JAHN-na. But at first I DID pronounce it as GIAHNNA.
This would be a nice and logical decision to name my first baby girl because my name is Laura and Laura was actually the second daughter of Saint Gianna. Plus I love the name. When I was 6-11, my favorite girl's name was Anna and Gianna makes it even more modern, more unique yet still popular enough not to be labeled as out there. Lovely name, good job parents if you named your little girl Gianna or if you are going to for sure!
The correct Italian pronunciation is JAHN-NA.
I'm surprised at how popular the name is now. When my parents named me in the 70s it was unheard of in the US. I didn't like it at first because it was so different, but I've grown to like it. I get compliments all the time. The way people mispronounce it here can be annoying, but I'm used it by now so I just correct them.
This is the nickname I will be using when I start college in the fall. I like how it has a sort of "pop" (best word I could think of) to it. It's best when it is two syllables because it makes Gianna a real name and not something you made up while going through the alphabet to find another -anna name.
It's pronounced JAHN-ah. Making it three syllables makes it sound stupid.
I don't really care for the Jee-AHN-ah pronunciation, but as long as it's not pronounced Jee-AN-ah it's okay with me.
I used to like this name, but it lost its Italian flavor. I like the REAL pronunciation JOHN-ah, but today everyone promounces it Jee-AHN-ah (ew!)
I have a friend name Geanna who pronounces it GEE-ANNA.
I personally like the Jahn-ah pronuciation of Gianna. I think it's the correct way to say it.
I don't like this name, but I'd have to say my favorite pronunciation is JEE - AW - NUH. I think some parent liked the name `Anna` and added a `GI` in front of it. Sorry, but that's my opinion.
I have seen it pronounced: (jee-ON-uh), (jee-AWN-ah), (JOHN-uh), (jee-AN-uh), (GEE-on-uh) and (jee-an-ah). I like (jee-ON-uh) most.
My second cousin is named this, she pronounces it Gee-AWHN-uh, I like that better than john-uh.
I hate this name. It seems like all new parents living in the mid-Atlantic states in the US name their daughter Gianna. It sounds like someone is whining when they say it.
Beautiful. I love it.
I like the name. It is very pretty, but only for someone who is very Italian!
This name seems a little too old fashioned to me.
A little girl I babysit's name is Gianna and I think it is really cute! Also, her family pronounces it gee-AH-nah.
I have also seen it pronounced JOHN-a.
Basketball star Kobe Bryant has a daughter named Gianna.
Pronounced as JAHN-nah.
Saint Gianna Beretta Molla was cannonized Spring 2004.

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