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This name has NOTHING to do with Jaden/Jayden/Jaiden etc. It has a different origin and I'm fairly sure it's pronounced differently than Jayden as well. This is a Biblical name, used in the Old Testament, specifically in Nehemiah 3:7, where Jadon joins Melatiah in making repairs to the Jeshanah Gate. Maybe Melatiah would make a good name?
kazoopilot  1/18/2010
When I looked it up (probably in a concordance), it said "God has heard", so I'd have to go back and cross check that.
abbasdaughter  9/26/2008
_The Complete Book of Hebrew Baby Names_ by Smadar Shir Sidi and _Who's Who in the Old Testament_ by Joan Comay both say that Jadon or Yadon means "he will judge".
clevelandkentevans  12/4/2006
There is a Yadon in the bible but it doesn't mean 'thankful' whatsoever! Wrong information source.
― Anonymous User  11/12/2006

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