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This name must have been invented much earlier than in 1833. Loredana Marcello, a poet and botanist, lived in the 1500s. She lived in Venice, Italy and had sisters named Bianca, Maria and Daria. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  12/25/2016
Could this name be related to the Spanish surname Loredo? According to "American Family Name Origins", Loredo is a Spanish "habitational name from any of the places in the Basque Country and Santander province called Loredo, or Castilianized form of Asturian-Leonese Lloredo, in both cases from Latin lauretum ‘place of laurels’."
earthnut  12/7/2010
Loredana was invented by the Italian author Luciano Zuccoli for the name of the heroine in his novel "L'amore de Loredana". Apparently, it is a feminine form of the surname Loredan, known to mean "Laurel Grove."
Francesca  12/1/2010
Athough widely believed, it is not true that the name Loredana was first used by Luciano Zuccoli; it appears already in "Mattea", of George Sand, that was published in 1833. Loredana is the mother of Mattea. [noted -ed]
garweyne  2/2/2008

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