Marie of Oignies   (f)   1180-1213  
Marguerite Marie Alacoque   (f)   1647-1690  
Louis-Marie de Montfort   (m)   1673-1716  
François-Marie Arouet "Voltaire"   (m)   1694-1778  
Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
Marguerite d'Youville   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1701-1771  
Marie Terezie   (f)   1717-1780  
Bohemian Kings   1740-1741; 1743-1780
Joseph Marie Jacquard   (m)   1752-1834  
Notable Scientists and Inventors
Marie Antoinette   (f)   1755-1793  
Other Royalty   1774-1792   France   (queen consort)
Marie Madeline Postel   (f)   1756-1846  
Marie Rivier   (f)   1768-1838  
André-Marie Ampère   (m)   1775-1836  
Notable Scientists and Inventors
Anne-Marie Javouhey   (f)   1779-1851  
Marie Haze   (f)   1782-1876  
Stendhal   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1783-1842  
Notable Writers
Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney   (m)   1786-1859  
Anne-Marie-Madeleine Thouret   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Françoise de Croissy   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Claude Cyprienne Brard   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Anne Brideau   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Rose Deloye   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie Dufour   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Madeleine Fontaine   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Antoinette Hanisset   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Françoise Lanel   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Geneviève Meunier   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Anne Piedcourt   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie-Gabrielle Trézel   (f)   ?-1794  
Marie Sainte-Euphrasie Pelletier   (f)   1796-1868  
Charles Cousin-Montauban, Comte de Palikao   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1796-1878  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1870   (prime minister)
Adolphe Thiers   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1797-1877  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1836; 1840; 1871-1873   (prime minister/president)
Henri de Brouckère   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1801-1891  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1852-1855
Patrice de Mac-Mahon   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1808-1893  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1873-1879   (president)
Marie Anne Blondin   (f)   1809-1890  
Marie-Rose Durocher   (f)   1811-1849  
Marie-Eugénie of Jesus   (f)   1817-1898  
Marie-Nicolas-Antoine Daveluy   (m)   1818-1866  
Sophie of the Netherlands   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1824-1897  
Other Royalty   1824-1897   Netherlands   (princess)
Auguste Marie François Beernaert   (m)   1829-1912  
Nobel Prize Winners   1909   (peace)
Auguste Marie François Beernaert   (m)   1829-1912  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1884-1894
Marie-Thérèse de Soubiran   (f)   1835-1889  
Marie François Sadi Carnot   (m)   1837-1894  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1887-1894   (president)
Marie of the Passion   (f)   1839-1904  
Ferdinand Sarrien   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1840-1915  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1906   (prime minister)
Marie de Jesus Deluil-Martiny   (f)   1841-1884  
Mutien-Marie Wiaux   (m)   1841-1917  
Maria Sophie of Bavaria   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1841-1925  
Other Royalty   1859-1861   Kingdom of the Two Sicilies   (queen consort)
Jules de Burlet   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1844-1897  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1894-1896
Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1846-1904  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1899-1902   (prime minister)
Frans Schollaert   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1851-1917  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1908-1911
Marie Helene Stollenwerk   (f)   1852-1900  
Gérard Cooreman   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1852-1926  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1918
Jules de Trooz   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1857-1907  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1907
Charles de Broqueville   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1860-1940  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1911-1918; 1932-1934
Raymond Le Bourdon   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1861-1937  
Other Leaders   1919-1923   Monaco   (prime minister)
Joseph Caillaux   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1863-1944  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1911-1912   (prime minister)
Marie Curie   (f)   1867-1934  
Nobel Prize Winners   1903; 1911   (physics/chemistry)
Notable Scientists and Inventors
Prosper Poullet   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1868-1937  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1925-1926
Marie Dressler   (f)   1868-1934  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Oscar Award Winners   1931   Min and Bill   (actress)
Henri Carton de Wiart   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1869-1951  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1920-1921
Édouard Herriot   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1872-1957  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1924-1925; 1926; 1932   (prime minister)
Charles Ruijs de Beerenbrouck   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1873-1936  
Dutch Prime Ministers   1918-1925; 1929-1933
Jean-Marie Musy   (m)   1876-1952  
Other Leaders   1925; 1930   Switzerland   (president)
Joseph-Marie Cassant   (m)   1878-1903  
Hubert Pierlot   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1883-1963  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1939-1945
Joseph Pholien   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1884-1968  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1950-1952
Steef van Schaik   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1888-1968  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Charles de Gaulle   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1890-1970  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1958-1959; 1959-1969   (prime minister/president)
Frans Teulings   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1891-1966  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg   (f)   1894-1924  
Other Royalty   1912-1919   Luxembourg   (grand duke)
Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1896-1985  
Other Royalty   1919-1964   Luxembourg   (grand duke)
Gaston Eyskens   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1905-1988  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1949-1950; 1958-1961; 1968-1973
Teun Struycken   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1906-1977  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   1907   Marie From Sunny Italy   (song)
Marie Bedford   (f)   1907-1997  
Olympic Medalists   1928   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay   (bronze)
Jean Van Houtte   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1907-1991  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1952-1954
Alain Poher   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1909-1996  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1969; 1974   (president)
Juliana of the Netherlands   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1909-2004  
Other Royalty   1948-1980   Netherlands   (queen)
Pierre Harmel   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1911-2009  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1965-1966
Marie Braun   (f)   1911-1982  
Olympic Medalists   1928   swimming - 400 m freestyle; swimming - 100 m backstroke   (silver/gold)
Maan Sassen   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1911-1995  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Charles van Rooy   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1912-1996  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Marie Kibler   (f)   1912-1978  
Notable Athletes   (gymnastics)
Théo Lefèvre   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1914-1973  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1961-1965
Maurice Bourgès-Maunoury   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1914-1993  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1957   (prime minister)
François Mitterrand   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1916-1996  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1981-1995   (president)
Marie Hoesly   (f)   1916-2003  
Notable Athletes   (gymnastics)
Victor Marijnen   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1917-1975  
Dutch Prime Ministers   1963-1965
Lucille Dumont   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1919-2016  
Notable Hosts and Presenters
Notable Musicians  
Marie Tharp   (f)   1920-2006  
Notable Scientists and Inventors
Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1921-  
Other Royalty   1964-2000   Luxembourg   (grand duke)
Georgina, Princess of Liechtenstein   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1921-1989  
Other Royalty   1943-1989   Liechtenstein   (princess consort)
Ellen Vogel   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1922-2015  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Gerda van der Kade-Koudijs   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1923-2015  
Olympic Medalists   1948   4x100 m relay   (gold)
Alice Coachman   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1923-2014  
Olympic Medalists   1948   high jump   (gold)
Rose-Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   1924   Rose-Marie   (musical)
Eva Marie Saint   (f)   1924-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Oscar Award Winners   1954   On the Waterfront   (actress)
Lily Carlstedt   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1926-2002  
Olympic Medalists   1948   javelin throw   (bronze)
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1926-2020  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1974-1981   (president)
Marie-Louise Linssen-Vaessen   (f)   1928-1993  
Olympic Medalists   1948; 1952   swimming - 100 m freestyle; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay   (bronze/silver)
Katherine Helmond   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1929-2019  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Marie Corridon   (f)   1930-2010  
Olympic Medalists   1948   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay   (gold)
Baudouin of Belgium   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1930-1993  
Other Royalty   1951-1993   Belgium   (king)
Marie Galante   (f)  
Title Characters   1934   Marie Galante   (film)
Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1934-2018  
Other Royalty   1967-2018   Denmark   (prince)
Marilee Stepan   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1935-  
Olympic Medalists   1952   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay   (bronze)
Lucille Starr   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1938-  
Notable Musicians   country
Marie-Clémentine Anuarite Nengapeta   (f)   1939-1964  
Ruud Lubbers   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1939-2018  
Dutch Prime Ministers   1982-1994
Jean-Marie Lehn   (m)   1939-  
Nobel Prize Winners   1987   (chemistry)
Paula Gunn Allen   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1939-2008  
Notable Writers
J. M. G. Le Clézio   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1940-  
Nobel Prize Winners   2008   (literature)
Marie, Princess of Liechtenstein   (f)   1940-2021  
Other Royalty   1989-2021   Liechtenstein   (princess consort)
Jean-Luc Dehaene   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1940-2014  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1992-1999
Edith McGuire   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1944-  
Olympic Medalists   1964   100 m; 200 m; 4x100 m relay   (silver/gold)
Jane Lapotaire   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1944-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Micheline Calmy-Rey   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1945-  
Other Leaders   2007; 2011   Switzerland   (president)
Alain Juppé   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1945-  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1995-1997   (prime minister)
Patty Duke   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1946-2016  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Oscar Award Winners   1962   The Miracle Worker   (actress)
France Gall   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1947-2018  
Notable Musicians  
Sharon Stouder   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1948-2013  
Olympic Medalists   1964   swimming - 100 m butterfly; swimming - 100 m freestyle; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay   (silver/gold)
Tantoo Cardinal   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1950-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Loek Hermans   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1951-  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Kaye Hall   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1951-  
Olympic Medalists   1968   swimming - 100 m backstroke; swimming - 200 m backstroke; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay   (bronze/gold)
Susanne Shields   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1952-  
Olympic Medalists   1968   swimming - 100 m butterfly   (bronze)
Lynn Vidali   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1952-  
Olympic Medalists   1968; 1972   swimming - 400 m medley; swimming - 200 m medley   (silver/bronze)
Susan Rojcewicz   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1953-  
Olympic Medalists   1976   basketball   (silver)
Luann Ryon   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1953-  
Olympic Medalists   1976   archery - individual   (gold)
Guy Verhofstadt   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1953-  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1999-2008
Dominique de Villepin   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1953-  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   2005-2007   (prime minister)
Jean-Marie Pfaff   (m)   1953-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Rose Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   1954   Rose Marie   (song)
Donna-Marie Gurr   (f)   1955-  
Olympic Medalists   1972   swimming - 200 m backstroke   (bronze)
Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1955-  
Other Royalty   2000-   Luxembourg   (grand duke)
Kim Peyton   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1957-1986  
Olympic Medalists   1976   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay   (gold)
Inès de La Fressange   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1957-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca   (f)   1958-  
Other Leaders   2014-   Malta   (president)
Denise Curry   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1959-  
Hall-of-Famers   1997   (basketball)
Notable Athletes   (basketball)
Olympic Medalists   1984   basketball   (gold)
Philippe   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1960-  
Other Royalty   2013-   Belgium   (king)
Marie-Alise Recasner   (f)   1962-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Robin Corsiglia   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1962-  
Olympic Medalists   1976   swimming - 4x100 m medley relay   (bronze)
Lisanne Lejeune   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1963-  
Olympic Medalists   1988   field hockey   (bronze)
CeCe Winans   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1964-  
Notable Musicians   gospel
Marc-Marie Huijbregts   (m)   1964-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Marie Horton   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1965   Days of Our Lives
Caren Kemner   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1965-  
Olympic Medalists   1992   volleyball   (bronze)
Sandra Douglas   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1967-  
Olympic Medalists   1992   4x400 m relay   (bronze)
Sophie, Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1967-  
Other Royalty   1993-   Liechtenstein   (princess)
Delphine of Belgium   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1968-  
Other Royalty   2020-   Belgium   (princess)
Marie-José Pérec   (f)   1968-  
Olympic Medalists   1992; 1996   200 m; 400 m   (gold)
Deon Hemmings   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1968-  
Olympic Medalists   1996; 2000   400 m hurdles; 4x400 m relay   (gold/silver)
Michelle Smith   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1969-  
Olympic Medalists   1996   swimming - 200 m butterfly; swimming - 200 m medley; swimming - 400 m freestyle; swimming - 400 m medley   (bronze/gold)
Carlos of Bourbon-Parma   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1970-  
Other Royalty   1996-   Netherlands   (prince)
Marilène of Orange-Nassau   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1970-  
Other Royalty   1998-   Netherlands   (princess)
Marie Laveau   (f)  
Title Characters   1973   Marie Laveau   (song)
Mathilde of Belgium   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1973-  
Other Royalty   2013-   Belgium   (queen consort)
Holly Marie Combs   (f)   1973-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Marie of Denmark   (f)   1976-  
Other Royalty   2008-   Denmark   (princess)
Aimée of Orange-Nassau   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1977-  
Other Royalty   2005-   Netherlands   (princess)
Mickaël Landreau   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1979-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Swin Cash   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1979-  
Notable Athletes   (basketball)
Olympic Medalists   2004; 2012   basketball   (gold)
Marie-Ève Drolet   (f)   1982-  
Olympic Medalists   2002; 2014   speed skating   (bronze/silver)
Marie-Ève Nault   (f)   1982-  
Olympic Medalists   2012   football   (bronze)
Lindsay Whalen   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1982-  
Notable Athletes   (basketball)
Olympic Medalists   2012   basketball   (gold)
Cappie Pondexter   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1983-  
Notable Athletes   (basketball)
Olympic Medalists   2008   basketball   (gold)
Julia Mancuso   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1984-  
Notable Athletes   (skiing)
Olympic Medalists   2006; 2010; 2014   alpine skiing   (gold/silver/bronze)
Leopold of Liechtenstein   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1984  
Other Royalty   1984   Liechtenstein   (prince)
Marie Martinod   (f)   1984-  
Olympic Medalists   2014   freestyle skiing   (silver)
Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   1985   Marie   (film)
Naya Rivera   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1987-2020  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Notable Musicians   Pop, R&B
Marie Astrid of Liechtenstein   (f)   1987-  
Other Royalty   1987-   Liechtenstein   (princess)
Desiree Scott   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1987-  
Olympic Medalists   2012   football   (bronze)
Jocelyne Larocque   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1988-  
Olympic Medalists   2014   ice hockey   (gold)
Kelly Marie Tran   (f)   1989-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Josef Emanuel of Liechtenstein   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   1989-  
Other Royalty   1989-   Liechtenstein   (prince)
Marie-Philip Poulin   (f)   1991-  
Olympic Medalists   2010; 2014   ice hockey   (gold)
Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   1993   Marie   (film)
Jean Marie Dongou   (m)   1995-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Marie Caroline of Liechtenstein   (f)   1996-  
Other Royalty   1996-   Liechtenstein   (princess)
Becky G   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   1997-  
Notable Musicians   pop
Carrie Bradshaw   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1998   Sex and the City
Marie Christine   (f)  
Title Characters   1999   Marie Christine   (musical)
Élisabeth, Duchess of Brabant   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   2001-  
Other Royalty   2001-   Belgium   (princess)
Gabriel of Belgium   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   2003-  
Other Royalty   2003-   Belgium   (prince)
Theodora of Liechtenstein   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   2004-  
Other Royalty   2004-   Liechtenstein   (princess)
Emmanuel of Belgium   (a.k.a. Marie)   (m)   2005-  
Other Royalty   2005-   Belgium   (prince)
Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   2006   Wings for Marie, Pt. 1   (song)
Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   2008   Marie Cherie   (song)
Eléonore of Belgium   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   2008-  
Other Royalty   2008-   Belgium   (princess)
Delphine LaLaurie   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   2011   American Horror Story
Athena of Denmark   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   2012-  
Other Royalty   2012-   Denmark   (princess)
Marie   (f)  
Title Characters   2013   Dear Marie   (song)
Gabriella of Monaco   (a.k.a. Marie)   (f)   2014-  
Other Royalty   2014-   Monaco   (princess)