Delphine of Belgium   (a.k.a. Michèle)   (f)   1968-  
Other Royalty   2020-   Belgium   (princess)
Heather O'Rourke   (a.k.a. Michele)   (f)   1975-1988  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Kali Rocha   (a.k.a. Michele)   (f)   1971-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Lacy Dagen   (a.k.a. Michele)   (f)   1997-  
Notable Athletes   (gymnastics)
Michele Brown   (f)   1939-  
Olympic Medalists   1964   high jump   (silver)
Michele Campagnaro   (m)   1993-  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Michèle Chardonnet   (f)   1956-  
Olympic Medalists   1984   100 m hurdles   (bronze)
Michele Fasoli   (m)   ?-1716  
Michele Frangilli   (m)   1976-  
Olympic Medalists   1996; 2000; 2012   archery - team   (bronze/silver/gold)
Michele Merkin   (f)   1975-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Michele Mian   (m)   1973-  
Olympic Medalists   2004   basketball   (silver)
Michele Mitchell   (f)   1962-  
Olympic Medalists   1984; 1988   diving - platform   (silver)
Michele Pini   (m)   1450-1522  
Michele Richardson   (f)   1969-  
Olympic Medalists   1984   swimming - 800 m freestyle   (silver)
Michele Rizzo   (m)   1982-  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Michèle Roberts   (f)   1949-  
Notable Writers
Michele Scarabelli   (f)   1955-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Michele Timms   (f)   1965-  
Olympic Medalists   1996; 2000   basketball   (bronze/silver)
Michele Tito   (m)   1920-1968  
Olympic Medalists   1948   4x100 m relay   (bronze)
Michele Visentin   (m)   1991-  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Primo Levi   (a.k.a. Michele)   (m)   1919-1987  
Notable Scientists and Inventors
Notable Writers