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My name is Niamh and I live in Northern Ireland.. Most people don't have a problem, but people that aren't brought up in the Irish culture would sometimes pronounce it as nee-uv.. But I think people in different parts of Ireland pronounce it slightly differently, Me and all the Niamh's I know, which are quite a lot as It is a very popular name, especially in a catholic school, pronounced as nee-v.
The correct pronunciation in Irish Gaelic in Ulster is:

In Munster, Leinster and Connacht it is:

The pronunciation NEEV is an Anglicised mispronunciation used by English speakers.
For the Welsh person who is not sure how to pronounce Niamh. Mh in Irish is NOT like the mh in Welsh which is an unvoiced m as in ym Mhen-y-bont. No it is pronounced like the soft mutated form of m in Welsh which is written f in Welsh & pronounced v. Just as the Welsh word mawr "big" becomes fawr [pronounced /vowr/ after a feminine noun so the Irish word mór "big" is written mhór & pronounced /vo:r/ after a feminine noun. E.G. Welsh: y garreg fawr = Irish: an charraig mhór = the big rock
So Niamh is pronounced Niaf in Welsh or Niav in English. Some native speakers of Irish pronounce the mh with a slight nasal tinge and this was perhaps the normal pronunciation in earlier times.
I can never remember how to pronounce this name properly!
I'm Welsh, so I read it as Nia, than get completely stuck. :P I pronounce it so it rhymes with Liam. Totally wrong! So I am glad that I found out Nia is actually used as a nickname for Niamh, that means I've got a chance of not embarassing myself if I do ever meet one. :P

I'd never use it, obviously. What's the point if I don't know how to pronounce it? :P

If I did use it, then i'd be just like the stupid people who cant pronounce Welsh names so they make it up, change the gender and still use it =/
I know a girl named Niamh and she said that it's pronounced nee-av not neev.
Niamh is pronounced differently in different parts of Ireland. Although it is pronounced 'Neev' for the most part, in some areas, such as Cork, it is pronounced 'Nee-iv'.
Niamh is pronounced "Neeve" not "Niamah", although there are names that use simular spelling and are pronounced "Niamah".

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