Jean-Philippe Gatien   (m)   1968-  
Olympic Medalists   1992; 2000   table tennis   (silver/bronze)
Jean-Philippe Rameau   (m)   1683-1764  
Notable Musicians  
Jules de Burlet   (a.k.a. Philippe)   (m)   1844-1897  
Belgian Prime Ministers   1894-1896
Paul Martin   (a.k.a. Philippe)   (m)   1938-  
Canadian Prime Ministers   2003-2006
Philip II of France   (a.k.a. Philippe)   (m)   1165-1223  
Shakespearian Characters   King John
Philip Berruyer   (a.k.a. Philippe)   (m)   ?-1261  
Philippe I   (m)   1052-1108  
Frankish and French Kings   1060-1108
Philippe II Augustus   (m)   1165-1223  
Frankish and French Kings   1180-1223
Philippe III the Bold   (m)   1245-1285  
Frankish and French Kings   1270-1285
Philippe IV the Fair   (m)   1268-1314  
Frankish and French Kings   1285-1314
Philippe V the Tall   (m)   1293-1322  
Frankish and French Kings   1316-1322
Philippe VI   (m)   1293-1350  
Frankish and French Kings   1328-1350
Philippe   (m)   1960-  
Other Royalty   2013-   Belgium   (king)
Philippe   (m)  
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms   2005   (hurricane)
Philippe   (m)  
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms   2011   (hurricane)
Philippe   (m)  
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms   2017   (storm)
Philippe Sudré Dartiguenave   (m)   1863-1926  
Haitian Presidents   1915-1922   (president)
Philippe Gondet   (m)   1942-2018  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Philippe Guerrier   (m)   1757-1845  
Haitian Presidents   1844-1845   (president)
Philippe Houben   (m)   18xx-19xx  
Olympic Medalists   1900   swimming - 200 m team   (bronze)
Philippe Noiret   (m)   1930-2006  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Philippe Pétain   (m)   1856-1951  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers   1940   (prime minister)
Notable Military Figures
Philippe Saint-André   (m)   1967-  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Philippe Senderos   (m)   1985-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Pierre Elliott Trudeau   (a.k.a. Philippe)   (m)   1919-2000  
Canadian Prime Ministers   1968-1979; 1980-1984
Thierry Baudet   (a.k.a. Philippe)   (m)   1983-  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople