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"Rosamund" can be pronounced:

ROW-za-mond ("mond" as in Monday without the -ay)
RAH-za-mend (rhymes with "Rosalind")

The German version is of this name is "Rosamunde". It is pronounced "row-zah-MOON-deh".
my_name_isobel  10/20/2008
I usually pronounce it Row-zuh-mund even though it can be pronounced in many ways. It really does have a feeling to it that makes in seem different.
missBridget  7/5/2008
Also pronounced RAHZ-a-mund.
Kate  8/6/2007
My name is spelt Rosamunde, the 'e' is silent. I was named after the Opera by Schubert. Everyone comments on my name and no-one can pronounce it correctly. Should be pronounced 'Ros-a-munde' the a is soft. Usually people say Rosemunde with emphasis on the e's which is quite annoying.
pager  10/26/2005

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