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Part of the confusion is that people do not understand that Tara and Terra are two different words, with two different meanings and two different pronunciations. Tara, pronounced tar-uh, is a reference to the home of the ancient Irish kings, as in Hill of Tara. Terra, pronounced tear-uh (as in tear a piece of paper), means earth, land. Over the years people have confused the two so often that the pronunciation of Terra has often been used incorrectly for the pronunciation of Tara. That's why you'll meet so many Taras with their names pronounced tear-uh.
One of my absolute favourite names, when pronounced Tar-ah. The American way of pronouncing it is Tair-uh which I am not so keen on. One day I would like to have a daughter named Tara, it's such a pretty name.
My name is Tara which was originally supposed to be pronounced Tah-Ra but too many people found it too hard to say, me being among one of them so I decided to change the pronunciation to Tare-ah. I guess some people think if I wanted it to be pronounced that way I should have spelt it "Terra" but me personally I like how "Tara" looks better and it's honestly a great name:))
My name is Tara pronounced terra but the spelling terra is ugly! Tara Sara Lara Cara all rhyme.
Oh please, I can't believe folks are SO insistent on the correct way to pronounce Tara. Most of us named Tara understand the Irish origins and that it's pronounced TAR-ruh. Got it. However, there was that widely popular flick in 1939 that pronounced the name Tear-a, like tear a sheet of paper. Since that time, Tear-a has been a widely accepted pronunciation. TAR-ruh AND Tear-a are BOTH acceptable. When people ask I tell them "It's spelled like it should be pronounced TAR-ruh, but it's pronounced Tear-a like from GWTW." ;) Clearly most of this panel is from a Yankee state, out west or another country. If you're anywhere down south, there isn't even a question as to how it's pronounced. Lol, I've been in Chicago a few years where everyone pronounces it TAR-ruh, but I don't correct them. I never correct anyone, nor am I upset when they use the more formerly used pronunciation. It makes me laugh to read it's upsetting to people.
English pronunciation is "TAH-ra". American pronunciation of this name is horrible.
What those who are complaining about the pronunciation of this name as "Terra" are overlooking is that there is considerable variation of the pronunciation of vowels in various accents of English (as in any language that is spoken over a large enough area). In the U.S., for example, some pronounce the words "merry," "marry" and "Mary" alike; others, differently. People who do not make the distinction might have a different idea of exactly which sound they use than those who do. (I hope that's clear.)
Pronounced Tara (Tar-a) After reading all of these posts I must give some facts. The origin of the Tara is Irish. Tara (Tar-a) was a tower in a village near Dublin, Ireland. Irish people use hard vowels, so Tar-a is correct to the land.
Gone with the Wind came along in the 30's and Scarlet with her fake southern accent mixed with her native English accent, came out Terra. From that point on everyone took that mis-pronunciation as correct, but it is NOT!
If you are named after the movie then of course saying Terra would be correct. But the name is Irish and please accept that as fact!
I have had many friends visit Ireland and have brought me books back from the Tower of Tara. I understand they will correct you over there if you say Terra (even they don't like what Gone with the Wind has done to such a beautiful name).
Side note: Does anyone spell Terra Cotta as Tara Cotta? No!
My name is Tara pronounced like Terra. Although I understand why, it's always bothered me that people would pronounce it Tahr-a. Nobody would ever pronounce Sara as Sahr-a! Tahr-a sounds too much like retarded for me.
Tah-ruh/tah-rah. That's how it was always pronounced for me. But sometimes a real Irish person will pronounce it tore-rah/ta[long a]-raaa.This name is nice, it's my name and I always thought it looked funny with an h at the end. Although in my junior and senior year of high school I started adding the h to it, since you can't really have a nickname with this name. My name is Tara Lynn and it flows nicely. Very popular combination. I am Irish. It also means tower, hill, and other things from looking it up over the years.
I hate Tara said TERRA or Te-ra it should be said TAR-a or Tah-ra. Pronunciations get very twisted.

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