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Gender Masculine
Usage History
Pronounced Pron. zar-蓹-THOOS-tr蓹(English)

Meaning & History

From Avestan 饜饜瑎饜饜瑎饜瑲饜瑤饜饜瑱饜饜瑎 (Zarathushtra), in which the second element is 饜瑤饜饜瑱饜饜瑎 (ushtra) meaning "camel". Proposed meanings for the first element include "old", "moving", "angry" and "yellow". Zarathustra was an Iranian prophet who founded the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism around the 10th century BC. He is also called Zoroaster in English, from the Greek form of his name 螙蠅蟻慰维蟽蟿蟻畏蟼 (Zoroastres).