Names Categorized "rare Czech"

This is a list of names in which the categories include rare Czech.
Boleslava f Czech (Rare), Russian (Rare)
Czech and Russian feminine form of Bolesław.
Horymír m Czech (Rare)
Possibly from the Slavic elements gora meaning "mountain" and miru meaning "peace, world".
Jákob m Hungarian (Rare), Czech (Rare)
Hungarian and Czech form of Iacob (see Jacob).
Klotylda f Polish (Rare), Czech (Rare)
Polish and Czech form of Clotilde.
Livie f French (Rare), Czech (Rare)
French and Czech feminine form of Livius.
Radúz m Czech (Rare)
Derived from the Czech word rád "happy, glad". The Czech author Julius Zeyer probably created it for a character in his play Radúz and Mahulena (1898).
Rozárie f Czech (Rare)
Czech form of Rosaria.
Záviš m Czech (Rare)
Derived from a Slavic root meaning "envy".