Title Characters

This is a list of people who appear in book/song/film titles.
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Abbie1 song1
Abigail2 books2
Abraham1 book, 1 song2
Ada1 film1
Adam1 song, 1 book/song/song2
Addie1 book1
Adelaide1 song1
Adele1 musical1
Adonis1 musical1
Adrian3 books3
Adrienne1 song1
Agatha1 song1
Aggie1 book1
Agnes2 books, 2 songs, 1 film5
Ahab1 song1
Aida1 musical1
Al2 songs2
Aladdin1 musical1
Alanna1 book1
Alba1 musical1
Albert2 songs, 1 musical3
Albertine1 book, 1 musical2
Alejandro1 song1
Alessandro1 book1
Alex1 book, 1 song2
Alexa1 song1
Alexander1 book, 1 song, 1 book/song3
Alexandra2 books, 1 song3
Alexandre1 song1
Alexis1 song1
Alfie2 songs2
Alfred2 books2
Algernon1 book1
Alice7 books, 9 songs, 3 films, 1 musical, 1 tv show, 1 book/film, 1 book/musical/musical/musical23
Alison1 book, 3 songs4
Alli1 song1
Allie1 book, 1 song2
Allison1 song1
Alma1 musical1
Alvar1 song1
Alyce1 film1
Alyssa1 song1
Amadeus1 book1
Amanda2 books, 2 songs, 1 film5
Amandine1 book1
Amber2 books, 1 song3
Amelia2 songs2
America1 book1
Amos1 song1
Amy2 books, 5 songs, 1 tv show8
Ana1 song1
Anastasia4 books, 1 film5
Andrew1 book, 3 songs, 1 musical5
Andy2 songs, 1 film3
Angela3 songs3
Angelia1 song1
Angelika1 musical1
Angelina1 song1
Angeline2 books, 1 song3
Angélique1 musical1
Angelo1 song, 1 film2
Angi1 song1
Angie2 songs2
Anissa1 book1
Anita1 song, 1 tv show2
Ann2 books, 3 songs5
Anna8 books, 6 songs, 1 film, 1 tv show, 1 book/film17
Annabel1 book, 2 songs3
Annabelle2 songs, 1 film3
Anne1 book, 5 songs, 1 book/musical/musical7
Annie1 book, 12 songs, 2 films, 2 musicals17
Ante1 book1
Anthony2 songs2
Antigone1 book1
Antônia1 tv show1
Anya1 book, 1 musical2
Aphrodite1 film1
Arabella1 song1
Aram1 book1
Archer1 book1
Aretha1 song1
Ariel1 song1
Ariodante1 opera1
Aristotle1 book1
Arlene1 song1
Arnold1 song1
Arthur1 book, 1 song, 1 musical3
Ashley1 song1
Athena1 song, 1 film2
Atlas1 song1
Atticus1 film1
Aubrey1 song1
Audrey3 books3
Aurora1 book1
Austin1 film1
Ava1 book1
Avery1 book, 1 song2
Axel1 song1
Bambi1 song1
Barb1 film1
Barbara1 book, 3 songs4
Barbie1 song1
Barbra1 song1
Barney1 song1
Barry1 song, 1 film2
Bart1 song1
Basil1 song1
Bathsheba1 book1
Beatrice1 musical1
Becky1 book1
Belinda1 song1
Bella3 books3
Belle2 songs2
Ben1 book, 2 songs3
Benjamin2 books, 1 song, 1 musical4
Bennie1 song1
Bernadette1 song1
Bernard1 film1
Bernarda1 musical1
Bernardine1 musical1
Bert1 song1
Beryl1 song1
Beth1 book, 1 song, 1 film3
Betsy1 book, 1 song2
Bette1 song1
Betty1 book, 1 song, 1 film, 2 musicals5
Bill7 songs7
Billie1 book, 2 songs, 1 film, 1 musical5
Billy1 book, 7 songs, 3 musicals, 1 film/musical12
Bindy1 book1
Bob3 songs, 1 film4
Bobby6 songs6
Bonita1 song1
Bonnie1 song, 1 musical/song2
Boris1 song1
Brad1 song1
Brandon2 songs2
Brandy1 song1
Brendan1 song1
Brian1 song1
Briar1 book1
Bridget1 book, 1 song, 1 film3
Britney1 song1
Brüno1 film1
Brutus1 song1
Buck1 song1
Buddy1 song1
Caitlyn1 book1
Cal1 book, 1 film2
Callum1 book1
Cameron1 book1
Camille1 book1
Candida1 song1
Candy4 songs4
Carlota1 film1
Carmen1 song, 3 musicals4
Carol4 songs4
Carole1 song1
Caroline1 book, 6 songs7
Carolyn1 song1
Carrie2 books, 5 songs, 1 book/musical8
Carter2 books2
Casey1 book, 1 song2
Caspian1 book1
Cassandra2 songs2
Cassie2 songs2
Cate1 book1
Catherine5 books5
Cathy2 songs2
Catlin1 book1
Cece1 song1
Cecelia1 book1
Cecilia4 songs4
Celeste1 book, 1 song, 1 film3
Celia1 book, 1 song2
Chanda1 book1
Charity1 book1
Charles3 songs3
Charlet1 book1
Charley1 musical/play1
Charlie2 books, 3 songs, 1 musical, 1 book/musical, 1 musical/song/song, 1 play/song9
Charlotte2 books, 5 songs, 1 film, 1 musical, 1 book/musical10
Chelsea3 songs3
Cheryl1 song1
Cheyenne1 song1
Chip1 song1
Chloe2 songs2
Chris1 tv show1
Christa1 song1
Christian1 song, 1 film/song2
Christina1 book1
Christine2 songs, 1 musical3
Christopher1 book1
Christy1 book, 1 song2
Chuck1 song1
Chuckie1 song1
Cindy2 songs, 1 musical3
Clair1 song1
Claire1 book, 1 song2
Clara1 book1
Clare2 books2
Clarence1 song1
Clarissa2 books2
Claudette1 song1
Claudia1 book1
Claudie1 song1
Claudine1 song1
Claudius1 book1
Clay1 song1
Clémence1 film1
Clementine1 book1
Cleopatra1 book, 1 song2
Clyde1 musical/song1
Colleen1 book, 1 song2
Connie1 book1
Connor1 song1
Coraline1 book/film1
Cordelia2 books2
Corinne1 song1
Curtis1 song1
Cynthia1 song1
Dagny1 film1
Daisy2 books, 1 song, 1 musical4
Damien1 song1
Dan3 songs3
Daniel5 songs5
Danny2 books, 5 songs7
Dante3 books, 1 film4
Daphne1 book1
Darby1 film1
Darlene1 song1
Dave2 songs2
David3 books, 1 song, 4 films, 1 opera, 2 tv shows, 1 book/musical/song12
Davy1 song1
Debbie3 songs3
Dee2 songs2
Delia1 song1
Delilah1 book, 7 songs8
Denis1 song1
Denise1 song1
Derek1 song1
Desiree1 book, 1 song2
Destiny1 book1
Diana2 songs2
Diane3 songs3
Dick1 film1
Dirk1 song1
Dixie2 songs2
Dolly1 musical1
Dominic1 book1
Dominique1 song1
Donald1 song1
Donna3 songs, 1 film4
Donnie1 song1
Donovan2 songs2
Doreen1 song1
Dorian1 book/film1
Doris1 film1
Dorothy1 book, 1 song2
Dottie1 song1
Duncan1 book1
Dwight1 song1
Earl2 books, 2 songs4
Ed1 song1
Edana1 book1
Eddie2 books, 4 songs, 1 film, 1 musical8
Eddy1 film1
Eden1 book1
Edgar1 book1
Edie1 song1
Edith1 song1
Edna1 song1
Edwin1 book/musical1
Edwina1 musical1
Eileen1 song, 1 musical2
Eilert1 song1
Eleanor1 book, 2 songs3
Elena1 book1
Elian1 song1
Elias1 song1
Elisa1 film1
Elisabeth1 song, 1 musical2
Elise2 songs2
Eliza2 songs2
Elizabeth2 books, 4 songs, 1 musical, 1 book/film8
Ella3 books, 1 song4
Ellen1 film1
Ellie1 book1
Eloise2 songs2
Elora1 book1
Elsie1 song, 1 musical2
Elvira1 song, 1 film2
Elvis2 books2
Ely1 book1
Emanuel1 film1
Emil1 book1
Emilie1 song1
Emily4 books, 7 songs11
Emma4 books, 2 songs6
Emmaline1 book1
Emmy1 book1
Enid1 song1
Eric1 book1
Erika1 book1
Erin1 song, 1 film2
Esperanza1 book1
Esther1 book1
Ethan1 book1
Etta1 book, 1 song2
Eugene1 book, 2 songs3
Eva2 books2
Evan1 book1
Evangeline1 song1
Eve5 books, 1 song6
Evelyn1 song1
Evie2 books2
Evita1 musical1
Ezra1 song1
Fanny1 book, 1 song2
Felicity1 book, 1 film, 1 tv show3
Felix1 book1
Fernando1 song1
Figaro1 musical/song1
Finian1 musical1
Finley1 tv show1
Finn1 book1
Fisher1 book1
Fitzwilliam1 book1
Flora1 book1
Floyd2 songs2
Fosco1 book1
Frances1 song1
Francesca1 book1
Francis1 book1
Frank5 songs5
Frankie3 books, 4 songs, 1 film, 1 tv show9
Fred2 songs2
Freya1 book1
Frida1 book/film1
Gabriel2 books, 2 songs4
Gale1 song1
Gary2 songs2
Gene1 song1
Genevieve1 song1
George2 books, 3 songs, 1 film, 1 musical7
Georgia2 songs2
Georgie1 song1
Geraldine2 songs2
Gerard1 book1
Gia1 film1
Gideon2 books, 2 tv shows4
Gigi1 book, 1 song, 1 film3
Gillian1 song1
Gillie1 book1
Gina1 song1
Giotto1 book1
Giovanni1 musical1
Glenda1 book1
Glenna1 book1
Gloria1 book, 3 songs4
Glorie1 book1
Glory1 book1
Goldmund1 book1
Goliath1 song1
Grace1 book, 1 song, 1 film3
Gracie1 song1
Graebner1 book1
Green1 book1
Greg1 song1
Gretel1 book1
Griffin1 film1
Gulliver1 song1
Gustave1 song1
Guy1 song1
Hailey1 book1
Haley1 song1
Hamlet1 play1
Hank3 songs3
Hannah3 books, 2 songs5
Hans1 book, 1 film/song2
Harley1 book1
Harold1 book, 2 songs3
Harper3 books3
Harriet2 books2
Harry4 books, 9 songs, 2 films, 1 film/song16
Harvey1 song1
Hattie2 books, 1 song, 1 musical4
Hayley1 book, 1 song2
Hazel2 books, 1 song, 1 musical, 2 tv shows6
Heather1 book1
Hedwig1 musical1
Heidi1 book1
Helen4 books4
Helena3 songs3
Hélène1 musical1
Henrietta1 song1
Henry1 book, 5 songs, 3 films, 1 musical10
Hermione1 song1
Hillary2 songs2
Holly2 songs2
Homer1 book1
Horace1 song1
Huckleberry1 book/film1
Ida1 book1
Ilena1 book1
Ilene1 song1
Ilsa1 book1
Imogene1 song1
Ingrid1 song1
Irène1 book, 4 songs, 1 musical6
Iris1 song, 1 film2
Irma1 musical1
Isaac1 book1
Isabel1 book, 2 songs3
Isadore1 song1
Isaiah1 film1
Isla1 book1
Isobel3 books, 1 song4
Issy1 book1
Ivan2 books, 1 song3
Ivy1 book1
Izabella1 song1
Jack2 books, 16 songs, 1 film, 1 musical20
Jackie5 songs5
Jacob4 books, 2 songs6
Jacqueline1 song1
Jacques1 song1
Jade1 book, 1 film2
Jake1 book, 1 song, 1 film3
Jakob1 book1
James3 books, 5 songs8
Jamie1 book, 3 songs, 1 film, 1 musical6
Jane7 books, 19 songs, 1 film, 1 tv show, 1 book/film/musical29
Janet1 book1
Janey1 book1
Janice1 song1
Janie1 book, 1 song2
Janis1 musical1
Jared1 book1
Jasmina1 book1
Jason1 book1
Jay1 song1
Jayne1 song1
Jayson1 book1
Jazmin1 book1
Jean2 books, 5 songs, 1 film8
Jeanette1 song1
Jeannie1 tv show1
Jed1 song1
Jeffrey1 song1
Jemima3 books3
Jenna2 books2
Jennie1 song1
Jennifer1 book, 2 songs, 1 film4
Jenny1 book, 6 songs7
Jeremy3 books, 1 song4
Jerome1 song1
Jerry2 songs, 1 musical3
Jess1 book1
Jesse1 song, 1 film2
Jessica1 book, 2 songs3
Jessie3 songs3
Jezebel1 song1
Jia1 book1
Jill3 songs3
Jillian1 book1
Jim3 books, 3 songs6
Jimmie1 song1
Jimmy10 songs10
Joan1 book, 2 songs3
Joanie1 song1
Joanna3 songs3
Jocelyn1 book1
Jock1 song1
Joe3 books, 11 songs, 1 film, 1 musical16
Joel1 song1
Joey2 books, 3 songs, 1 tv show, 1 book/film/musical7
Johanna2 songs2
John2 books, 35 songs, 1 book/film38
Johnny4 books, 28 songs, 2 films, 3 musicals37
Jojo1 song1
Jolene2 songs2
Jon1 song1
Jonah1 book1
Jonas1 book, 1 song2
Jonathan2 books, 4 songs6
Jonathas1 opera1
Jonny1 song, 1 film2
Jordan1 book1
Josef1 song1
Joseph2 books, 1 song, 1 musical4
Josephine1 book, 2 songs3
Joshua1 song1
Josie1 song1
Juan1 musical1
Judas3 songs3
Jude1 book, 2 songs3
Judith1 song1
Judy1 book, 4 songs, 1 film6
Julia1 book, 3 songs, 1 film5
Julian1 book, 2 songs3
Julie1 book, 2 songs3
Juliet1 song, 1 musical, 1 book/play/song/song/song3
Julio1 song1
June1 book, 3 songs, 1 film5
Junior1 book, 1 song2
Justin1 song1
Kane1 book1
Kara1 song1
Karen1 book, 1 song2
Kaspar1 book1
Katarina1 book1
Kate1 book, 2 songs, 1 film, 1 musical/song5
Katerina1 book1
Katharina3 books3
Katherine2 books, 1 song3
Kathleen1 book, 2 songs3
Katie2 songs2
Katy1 book/song1
Kay1 musical1
Kaye1 song1
Kayla3 books3
Kayleigh1 song1
Keisha1 song1
Keith3 songs3
Kelly1 film, 1 musical2
Kelsey1 song1
Kenneth1 song1
Kevin1 book, 3 songs4
Kiera1 book1
Kim1 book, 3 songs4
Kirsten1 song1
Kit2 books2
Kitty2 songs2
Kody1 song1
Kristi1 song1
Kristina1 musical1
Kristy1 song, 1 film2
Kyle1 book1
Kyra1 book1
Lana1 book, 2 songs3
Larry1 book, 1 song2
Laura2 books, 7 songs, 5 films, 1 tv show15
Laurel1 song1
Lauren 1 book, 1 song, 1 tv show3
Laurie1 song1
Lavinia1 book1
Layla1 song1
Lazarus1 song1
Leah2 songs2
Lee5 songs5
Leia1 song1
Lenny1 song1
Leon1 book1
Leonard1 book, 2 songs3
Leonardo1 song1
Leroy1 song1
Lesley1 song1
Levon1 song1
Lewis1 song1
Liam1 book1
Lilah1 book1
Lili1 film1
Lillie1 musical1
Lily4 books, 4 songs8
Linda2 songs2
Linden1 song1
Lindsay1 song1
Linus1 song1
Lisa2 books, 3 songs, 1 film, 1 artwork7
Livia1 book1
Liza2 songs2
Lizzie1 song, 1 tv show2
Lloyd1 song1
Loki1 book1
Lola2 books, 3 songs, 1 film6
Lolita1 book1
Lorelei3 songs3
Lorena1 song1
Lorenzo1 song1
Loretta1 song1
Lorraine2 songs2
Lottie1 book1
Lou1 song1
Louie2 songs, 1 musical3
Luanne1 song1
Luca1 song1
Lucan1 book1
Lucille5 songs5
Lucretia2 songs2
Lucy5 books, 7 songs, 1 film13
Ludwig1 musical1
Luka1 song1
Luke2 books, 1 song3
Lulu1 book, 2 songs, 1 film4
Luna1 book1
Lydia1 song1
Lyla1 song1
Lynn2 songs2
Mabel1 musical1
Mack2 songs, 1 musical3
Madalaine1 song1
Maddy1 book1
Madeline2 books2
Mae1 song1
Magdalena1 song1
Maggie6 songs, 1 musical7
Magnolia1 song1
Maisie1 book, 1 film2
Mandy2 books, 3 songs5
Mara1 book1
Marcella1 book1
Marcello1 song1
Maree1 book1
Margaret2 books, 3 songs5
Margaux1 song1
Margie1 song, 1 film2
Marguerite1 musical1
Maria9 songs9
Mariah1 book1
Marian1 song1
Mariana1 book1
Marianne1 song1
Marie6 songs, 3 films, 2 musicals11
Mariella1 song1
Marilyn2 books, 2 songs4
Marinka1 musical1
Maritza1 musical1
Markus1 book1
Marleen1 song1
Marlene1 song1
Marnie1 film1
Marshall1 song1
Martha6 songs6
Martin1 book, 3 songs, 1 musical5
Marvin1 song1
Mary6 books, 29 songs, 1 musical36
Matilda1 book, 3 songs, 1 book/film/musical5
Matt1 book1
Matthew2 books, 2 songs4
Mattie1 song1
Maud1 song1
Maudie1 book1
Maureen2 songs2
Maurice2 books2
Max2 books2
Maxie1 book1
Maxine2 songs2
Maxwell1 song1
May2 books, 2 songs, 1 film, 1 musical6
Maya1 song1
McTrue1 book1
Meg1 song1
Megan2 books2
Melissa1 song, 1 film, 1 tv show3
Melody1 song1
Merlin2 books, 1 musical3
Mia4 books, 1 song5
Michael5 songs5
Michel1 book1
Michelle3 songs3
Mickey1 song1
Mike1 book, 4 songs5
Mildred1 book, 1 film2
Millie1 song, 1 film/musical/song2
Milly1 book, 1 song2
Milo1 song1
Mina1 song1
Minerva1 book1
Minnie2 songs2
Miriam1 song1
Missy1 song1
Moira1 book1
Molly3 books, 8 songs, 2 films, 1 musical14
Monty1 song1
Morgana1 film1
Moses3 songs3
Nadine1 song1
Nancy3 songs, 1 film4
Naomi2 books2
Napoleon1 book1
Narziß1 book1
Natalie2 songs2
Nate1 book1
Neal1 song1
Ned1 song, 1 film2
Neil1 song1
Nellie1 song1
Nicholas1 book, 1 book/musical2
Nick1 book, 2 songs3
Nicola1 book1
Nicole1 song, 1 film2
Nigel1 song1
Nikita1 song1
Nikki1 book, 1 song2
Nimue1 book1
Nina1 book, 2 songs3
Noa1 book1
Noah2 books, 2 songs4
Norah1 book1
Olga1 book1
Olive2 books2
Oliver2 books, 2 songs, 1 film, 1 book/film/musical6
Olivia1 book, 3 songs, 1 tv show5
Orlando1 book1
Orville1 song1
Oswald1 tv show1
Otis1 book1
Otto2 books2
Owen2 books2
Pam1 song1
Pamela1 book, 1 song2
Pancho1 song1
Pandora1 song1
Parvana1 book1
Pascal1 film1
Pat1 song1
Patience1 song1
Patricia2 songs2
Patrick1 film1
Patti1 song1
Paul5 songs, 1 book/song6
Paula1 song1
Pauline3 songs, 1 film4
Pearl1 song1
Peg1 song1
Peggy2 songs2
Penelope1 book, 1 song2
Penny1 song, 1 film2
Persephone3 songs3
Pete1 book, 1 song, 1 film3
Peter4 books, 4 songs, 2 films, 1 musical, 1 book/film/musical/musical/musical12
Philomena1 film1
Phoebe1 book1
Phoenix1 film1
Phyllis1 book1
Pia1 book1
Pierre1 song1
Pippa1 film1
Pippi1 book1
Polly1 song1
Poppy1 book1
Priscilla1 musical1
Prudence1 song1
Quinn1 book1
Rachael1 song1
Rachel3 books3
Rae1 book1
Raina1 song1
Ralph1 song1
Ramona1 book1
Raoul1 song1
Raquel1 book1
Ray2 songs2
Raymond2 songs2
Rebecca3 books, 2 songs, 1 book/musical6
Reggie1 song1
Renee1 song1
Reuben1 song1
Rhiannon1 song1
Rhonda1 song1
Richard1 book, 4 songs5
Richie2 songs2
Rikki1 song1
Riley1 book, 1 song2
Rita1 song1
Rob1 book, 1 song2
Robert1 musical1
Roberta1 book/film/musical1
Robinson1 book1
Roger2 books2
Roland1 song1
Romeo1 play/song/song1
Ron1 song1
Ronan1 song1
Ronnie1 song1
Rory1 song1
Rosalie3 songs, 1 film/musical4
Rosalinda1 song1
Rosalyn1 song1
Rosanna1 song1
Rose1 book, 4 songs, 1 musical6
Rosemary3 songs, 1 film/tv show4
Rosie1 book, 4 songs5
Ross1 book1
Rowan1 book1
Roxanne1 song, 1 film2
Roxie1 song1
Roxy1 book1
Roy1 book, 1 song2
Ruby1 book, 3 songs4
Rupert1 song1
Russell1 book1
Rusty1 song1
Ruth2 books2
Sabrina1 film1
Sadie2 songs, 1 musical3
Sal1 song1
Sally8 songs, 1 film, 1 musical, 1 play11
Sam1 book, 6 songs, 1 film8
Samantha2 books, 1 song3
Samir1 book1
Sammy1 musical1
Sandy2 songs2
Sara2 books, 5 songs7
Sarah5 books, 6 songs, 1 film12
Saul1 book1
Savannah1 book1
Sawyer1 book1
Scarlet1 song1
Scarlett1 book1
Scott1 book1
Seagull1 book1
Seamus1 song1
Sean1 book, 1 song2
Sebastian2 books2
Selena1 film1
Selma1 song1
Serafina1 book1
Seraphina1 book1
Shannon1 song1
Sharona1 song1
Shauna1 book1
Sheena1 song, 1 film2
Sheila1 book, 3 songs4
Shelby1 book1
Sherlock1 book1
Sherrie1 song1
Sherry3 songs3
Shirley1 book1
Sierra1 song1
Silas1 book1
Silvia1 book1
Sima1 book1
Simon2 books, 3 songs5
Simone1 song1
Sinead1 song1
Siri Aang1 book1
Sissy1 song1
Slava1 book1
Solomon1 book, 1 song2
Sonny2 films, 1 tv show3
Sophia1 song1
Sophie4 books4
Sparrow1 book1
Spencer1 film1
Stacey1 song1
Stacy1 song1
Stan1 song1
Stanley1 book1
Stella2 songs, 5 films, 2 tv shows9
Stephanie1 song1
Stephen2 songs2
Steve2 songs2
Steven1 song1
Stevie3 songs3
Stu2 songs2
Stuart1 book1
Sue4 songs4
Sukie1 song1
Sunny1 song1
Susan1 book, 3 songs4
Susanna1 song1
Susannah1 song1
Susie3 songs3
Suzanna1 book1
Suzannah1 book1
Suzanne2 songs2
Suzie1 book1
Sylvia2 songs2
Sylvie1 book1
Tabitha1 tv show1
Taffy1 book1
Tammy1 song, 1 film2
Tara1 song1
Taylor1 song1
Teagan1 book1
Ted1 book, 2 songs3
Terri1 book1
Terry2 songs2
Tess2 books2
Tessie1 song1
Theodosia1 book1
Thérèse1 book1
Thomas1 book1
Thomasina1 film1
Thomasine1 film1
Tiffany1 song1
Tim1 book, 4 songs5
Timmy1 song1
Timothy1 song, 1 film2
Tina1 book, 2 songs3
Tom5 books, 6 songs, 1 book/film/musical/song12
Tommy2 songs, 1 musical3
Tony1 book, 1 song2
Traci1 song1
Tracy1 song1
Ty1 song1
Tyrell1 book1
Tyrone1 song1
Ursula1 song1
Valentina1 song1
Valeria1 book1
Valerie3 songs3
Vanessa1 song1
Velva1 book1
Vera1 book, 1 song, 2 films4
Verity1 book1
Veronica2 songs, 1 film, 1 tv show4
Veronika1 book1
Victor1 book, 1 song, 1 film/musical3
Victoria1 book, 1 film/musical2
Vince1 song1
Vincent1 song, 1 film2
Violet3 books, 1 musical4
Virginia1 song1
Vivian1 song1
Vlad1 song1
Walter1 book, 1 song2
Wanda1 book1
Waylon1 song1
Wayne1 song, 1 film2
Wendell1 song1
Wendy1 book, 2 songs3
Wesley1 song1
Whitney1 book1
Will1 book, 1 song2
William2 books, 2 songs, 1 tv show5
Willie3 songs3
Willow2 books, 1 film3
Willy1 song, 1 film/musical/musical2
Winona2 songs2
Winston1 book1
Woody1 song1
Wyatt1 song1
Wynona1 song1
Yael1 song1
Yoko1 song1
Yolanda1 song1
Zac1 book1
Zach1 book1
Zachariah1 book1
Zack1 book1
Zanna1 musical1
Zipporah1 book1
Zoe2 songs2
Zoey1 book1
Zula1 song1
Zuleika1 musical1