Namemaven's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Abgarus m
Æthelwald m
Æthelwald m
Agave f  Also means "illustrious" in Ancient Greek (Ἀγαύη, Agauē.) name of several characters from Ancient Greek mythology. 
Agilulfus m
Alkippa f
Alphonsa f
Amandina f
Antha f
Anthe f
Arété f
Arethusa f
Asteria f
Auspicius m
Basina f
Bay f & m
Bolina f
Calligenia f
Cucuphas m
Euddogwy m
Grimbald m  Grimwald is sometimes given as a variant of Grimbald, specifically in regards to St. Grimbald. 
Kalleis f
Karya f
Kharis f
Lampetia f
Markella f
Memmius m
Mesembria f
Monegundis f
Neaira f
Nohra m
Onomaris f
Phaethousa f
Phaia f
Phosthonia f
Pleione f
Praxed f
Praxedis f
Processus m
Prosymna f  Prosymna - Ancient Greek - meaning "celebrate in song" (prosymneô) 
Sennen m
Theophanu f
Thorlacus m
Thorlak m
Totnan m
Waldeve m