Runaa's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark
Aaliyah f  ah-LEE-ə 
Adalet f
Adara f
Adeline f
Aderyn f
Adriana f  Welcome to my PNL list! These are some of the names I think are the most beautiful. Let loose a little and rate them honestly. 
Agatha f
Aiko f  A-EE-KO No, this name does not mean "love child" as in a child born out of wedlock, but as in a beloved child. It's a nice concept. 
Aina 1 f  IE-nah 
Áine f  AWN-ya 
Aino f
Aisha f
Akari f
Alastríona f
Aleida f  ah-LAY-dah 
Alethea f  al-ə-THEE-ə 
Alexandria f
Alicia f
Alina f
Allegra f
Amelia f  A lot of good namesakes with the name Amelia. Love the name, hate the popularity. 
Amélie f  A-MEH-LEE Amelie is just as beautiful, but it feels a bit incomplete without the é. 
Amity f
Anahera f
Anaïs f
Anastasia f
Angelica f
Angelina f
Angeline f
Anissa f
Annabelle f
Annelise f  I also quite like Anneliese, but this is slightly better to me. 
Anne-Marie f
Annora f
Anona f
Aoife f
Arabella f
Araceli f
Arachne f
Arcadia f
Arlo m
Artemis f
Asherah f  ə-SHEER-ə 
Aspen f
Astoria f  as-TAWR-ee-ə 
Astra f
Astraea f  I also appreciate the spelling Astraia. 
Athena f
Audrey f
Aura f
Aurelia f  ow-REH-lee-a 
Aurora f
Aušra f  OW-shrah 
Aviva f  ah-VEE-vah 
Ayano f
Beatrix f  BEE-ə-triks 
Belle f
Bernadette f
Bianca f
Bloom f
Bronwen f
Bryony f
Calista f
Calla f
Camille f
Carina 1 f  kə-REE-nə 
Caroline f  KAR-ə-lien 
Cateline f
Cecily f
Celia f
Céline f
Celine f
Charity f
Charlotte f
Chaya f  KHA-ya 
Chloe f
Christina f
Claire f
Clancy m & f
Clara f
Claribel f
Clarissa f
Cléa f  KLAY-ah 
Clemency f
Cleo f
Coraline f
Cordelia f
Cosette f
Cosima f
Cressida f
Dahlia f
Daisy f
Daphne f
Deianeira f
Delphina f
Delphine f
Demetria f
Désirée f
Diana f
Dorothea f
Eira 1 f
Eirlys f
Eleanor f
Eleanora f
Electra f  i-LEHK-trə 
Eleonora f
Eliana 1 f
Elise f
Elizabeth f
Elodie f
Elowen f
Ema 2 f
Emi f
Emilia f
Emma f
Emmeline f
Epiphany f
Esme f  EHZ-may. Esmé are Esmée are also beautiful. 
Esmeralda f  ehz-meh-RAL-da 
Esperanza f
Estelle f
Étoile f
Euphemia f
Eva f  EE-və, EH-va is also beautiful. 
Evangeline f
Evelina f
Fabiola f
Felicity f  Felicity Juliet 
Felina f
Flutura f
Flynn m
Frances f
Francesca f
Freya f
Frida f
Friday m
Gabrielle f
Gaia f
Genevieve f
Gisela f  GEE-zə-la 
Glory f
Grace f
Gregoria f
Gwyneira f  Snow White? No. Gwyneira? Yes, please! 
Hadassah f
Heather f
Helena f
Hemera f
Hera f  HEHR-ə 
Hermione f  hər-MIE-ə-nee 
Imogen f
Indira f
Ines f  EYE-ness 
Ingrid f
Irene f  ie-REEN 
Iris f  Unpopular opinion, but although I do prefer Isis to this, Iris is one of the only flower names I like and would genuinely use. 
Isabel f  I adore Isabelle as well. 
Isadora f
Isis f  IE-sis 
Isla f
Ismene f  EEZ-MEH-NEH; not is-MEE-NEE 
Ismérie f  ez-MEH-REE 
Isra f
Ivy f
Jacqueline f  JAK-wə-lin 
Jade f & m
Jasmine f  I like Jazzy as a nickname. 
Jezebel f
John m
Josephine f
Joy f
Julia f  JOO-lee-ə. Kinda boring at this point but hey its pretty and it has the right to be popular. 
Juliana f  joo-lee-AHN-ə 
Juliet f  joo-lee-EHT I also really like Juliette. 
Juno f
Justine f
Kaia f
Katerina f
Kiara f
Kyoko f
Layla f  LAY-lə 
Leilani f
Leocadia f
Leona f
Léontine f
Liberty f
Lilia f
Lily f
Liora f
Liviana f
Lola f
Lorelei f
Louisa f
Louise f
Love 2 f
Loveday f & m
Lovelace m
Lovisa f
Luana f
Lucia f
Lucy f  lucy in the skyyy with diamondss (This name is a tad overrated but I can still appreciate it.) 
Lumi f
Lydia f
Lyra f  LIE-rə 
Magdalena f
Malaika f  ma-LYE-kah 
Mari 2 f
Maria f
Marianne f
Marie-Claire f
Mary f
Mei 2 f
Meira f
Melissa f
Mercy f
Merida f
Minerva f
Mira 1 f
Miranda f
Miriam f
Moana f & m
Morgana f  Such a better name for a girl than Morgan. 
Morwenna f  mohr-WEN-ah 
Naama f
Nadejda f
Nadia 1 f
Nadira f
Naiara f  I want to know the exact meaning! 
Naima f
Naira f
Naomi 1 f  I am conflicted whether to pronounce this as nay-O-mee or nie-O-mee, but either one is fine. 
Nasira f
Natalia f
Natalina f
Nava f
Nélida f
Nerissa f
Nevena f
Nimue f  NIM-oo-ay 
Noèle f
Noëlle f
Noemi f
Octavia f
Odessa f
Odin m
Oliver m
Olivia f
Olympia f
Oona f
Ophelia f  o-FEEL-ee-ə 
Pandora f
Parisa f
Peace f
Persephone f  pər-SEHF-ə-nee 
Petra f
Philomena f
Rainbow f  she comes in colors everywhere, she combs her hair, shes like a raaaainbowwww 
Ravenna f
Regina f
Reina 1 f
Rhiannon f
Roberta f
Rosalie f
Rosalind f
Rosamund f
Rosaria f  ro-ZA-rya 
Rose f
Rosemary f
Rowena f  ro-EEN-ə 
Ruby f
Russell m
Ruth 1 f
Sabrina f
Saoirse f  SEER-shə. Unfortunately this might be seen as a political statement or something in Ireland, but nonetheless its a beautiful name that means "freedom". This is never ever Siersha or Seersha. 
Sara f  I also like Sarah enough. 
Saskia f
Scarlet f  I don’t care for the Scarlett spelling. Sorry not sorry. 
Selah f  SAY-lah 
Sequoia f & m
Seraphina f
Séraphine f  SEH-RA-FEEN 
Seren f  SEH-rehn 
Serena f  I don't think Serenity is that bad, nor do I think its "stripper" or lower-class. I just vastly prefer the pretty Serena. 
Shifra f
Shira f  Lyrical and pretty. 
Shiri f
Sigrid f
Simone 1 f
Skadi f
Skye f  I also like Sky. 
Soleil f  SAW-LAY or really, soh-LAY. 
Sophia f  so-FEE-a, I also like the spelling Sofia, thanks to Clairo. 
Soraya f  so-RYE-ya, so-RA-ya 
Stella 1 f
Stephanie f
Sunday m & f
Sunniva f
Sunny f & m  I prefer this as a nickname,but I like it as a first. Good for Soleil, Sunniva, or any "sun" name really. 
Sunshine f  This would be pretty dumb as a first name obviously but it's a pretty word for a middle name. 
Susanna f
Sylvia f
Tamara f  tə-MAHR-ə 
Theia f
Theodora f
Theodosia f
Tuesday f
Úna f
Ursa f
Valentina f
Valerie f
Vanessa f
Vera 1 f  VEHR-ə 
Verity f
Veronica f
Vespera f
Victoria f
Viola f  How often is it you get a musical instrument and heroine for a name? Hardly. 
Virginia f
Vivienne f
Willow f
Winifred f
Winona f
Xiomara f  syo-MA-ra 
Zara 1 f
Zelda 2 f
Zinnia f
Zoë f
Zoraida f