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Name Aphareus
Gender Masculine
Scripts Ἀφαρεύς
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Meaning & History

The meaning of this name is uncertain. It could have been derived from Greek ἀφαρεί (apharei), which is an adverb of Greek ἄφαρ (aphar), which can mean "straightway, forthwith" as well as "suddenly, quickly". Other possibilities are Greek ἀφαρής (aphares) meaning "without" and Greek ἄφαρος (apharos), which can mean "unploughed, untilled" as well as "unclad, naked". The latter possibility is ultimately derived from the Greek negative prefix ἄ- (a-) combined with Greek φάρος (pharos), which can mean "plough" as well as "a large pierce of cloth, web". In Greek mythology, Aphareus was a son of GORGOPHONE and Perieres, and husband of ARENE. In real life, Aphareus was the name of an ancient Greek tragedian and orator from the 4th century BC.
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