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Name Haneulbyeollimgureumhaennimbodasarangseureouri
Gender Feminine
Usage Korean
Scripts 하늘별님구름햇님보다사랑스러우리
Pronounced Pron. [ha̠.nɤ̘ɭ.bjɤ̘ɭ.nim.gu.ɾɤ̘m.hɛ̝n.nim.bo̞.da̠.sʰa̠.ɾa̠ŋ.sʰɤ̘.ɾɤ̘.u.ɾiː]
Other Forms FormsHauri
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Meaning & History

This 16-hangul-character given name translates to "lovelier than the Sky, Stars, Clouds, and Sun~". Since 1993, regulations in South Korea have prohibited the registration of given names longer than five hangul characters, in response to some parents giving their children extremely long names such as this.

The name was originally named by Park, a man from Busan, who rushed to Seoul after having heard the news of the birth of his daughter. He wrote that the stars are beautiful and the sky and clouds are lovely, and the daughter would be even lovelier. The mother added "the Moon and Sun" and put it on the family register.

This name is composed entirely of native Korean vocabularies, rather than of any Sino-Korean vocabularies.
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