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Name Polychronios
Gender Masculine
Scripts Πολυχρόνιος(Ancient Greek)
Other Forms FormsPolychronius (latinized form), Polukhronios (variant transcription)
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Meaning & History

Derived from the Greek adjective πολυχρόνιος (polychronios) meaning "long-lasting, long-lived" as well as "of olden time, ancient". It consists of the Greek adjective πολύς (polys) meaning "many" as well as "much" combined with the Greek adjective χρόνιος (chronios) meaning "after a long time, late". The latter word is ultimately derived from the Greek noun χρόνος (chronos) meaning "time" (see CHRONOS).

Polychronios was the name of a hieromartyr and two saints. The hieromartyr is strongly venerated on the Greek island of Cyprus.
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