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Name Ia
Gender Feminine
Scripts ია(Georgian) Ἰα(Greek)
Pronounced Pron. /i.ɑ/(Georgian)
Theme purple
Edit Status Status3. usages AND description are verified

Meaning & History

Derived from the Georgian noun ია (ia) meaning "violet", as in the spring flower (also see VIOLET). In turn, it is thought to be derived from the Georgian noun იასამანი (iasamani) meaning "lilac", which might possibly be of Persian origin. However, ია (ia) could also be derived from ancient Greek ἴα (ia), which is the plural form of ἴον (ion) meaning "violet".

Known bearers of this name include the Georgian actresses Ia Parulava (b. 1967) and Iamze "Ia" Sukhitashvili (b. 1980).
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