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Name Chociemir
Gender Masculine
Usage Polish
Other Forms FormsChocimir, Chocimierz, Chocimier, Chocimirz, Kociemir, Kociemiar, Kociemier, Kocimiar, Kocimier, Kocimir, Koćmir
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Meaning & History

The first element of this name is derived from Old Church Slavonic xotěti or xŭtěti "to want, to wish, to desire", which is ultimately derived from Proto-Slavic xъtěti "to want, to wish, to desire". Also compare modern Czech chtít, modern Polish chcieć and modern Serbo-Croatian hteti, all of which mean "to want, to wish, to desire". The second element is derived from Slavic mir "peace".
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