Ancient Germanic (Gothic) Submitted Names

These names were used by the Goths, an eastern Germanic people.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADOSINDA f Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval Spanish
Visigothic name possibly derived from the Germanic elements aud "wealth" and sinþs "path". This was the name of an 8th-century queen of Asturias, Spain... [more]
AIWAREIKS m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Derived from the Germanic elements aiws "eternity" and reiks "ruler".
BATWINS m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Composed of bats "good" + wins "friend".
BEGGA f Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
This name derives from the Germanic (Gothic) bēga, meaning “quarrel" "contrast" or "dispute”. Known for Saint Begga of Landen.
CUNIHILDA f Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Old High German, Medieval, Medieval German
Gothic kuni "kin, family" + Old High German hiltia "battle".
DUDO m Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval, Medieval French, Medieval German
A pet form of any of various names beginning with Gothic þiuda "people, folk".
ERELIEVA f Ancient Germanic (Gothic), History
Derived from Old High German êra "honour, respect" and Old High German liub "dear, beloved". Erelieva was the wife of Theodemir, king of the Ostrogoths (in the 5th century AD), and mother of Theodoric the Great.
GUDILUB m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Perhaps composed of guþ "God" + lubo "love" or liufs "dear".
INGALSINDE f Icelandic (Archaic), Ancient Germanic, Old Saxon, Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval, Medieval French
An elongation of Old Icelandic ing(i), of uncertain origin but perhaps identical with the god name ING or YNGVI, also of uncertain origin + Old Saxon swīth, Gothic swinþs from Proto-Germanic swinþaz "strong".
JOSTAR m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
jojo from jojos bizxarw adevneture
LEUDESINDA f Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Visigothic name (recorded in Iberia in 868 CE) composed of the Germanic elements leud "people" and sinths "path"... [more]
MERILA m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Composed of mers "fame" + -ila (a personal name-forming suffix). The origin of the Galician toponym Merlán.
NIVARD m Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval French, Old Saxon, Medieval
Gothic niujis, Old High German niuwi, niwi "new" + Old Saxon hard, Old High German hart "strong, hard".
ORTOLF m Old High German, Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval, Medieval English, German (Austrian, Archaic), Medieval German
Old High German ort "point (of a spear or sword)" + Old High German wolf, Gothic wulf "wolf".
SAMANILDE f Medieval, Medieval French, Old High German, Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Gothic sama, Old High German samo "same" + Old High German hiltja "battle".
SUNJAIFRIÞAS m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Gothic name derived from the elements sunja "truth" and friþus "peace".
SWINÞILA m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Composed of swinþs "strong" + -ila (a personal name-forming suffix).
THEUDO m Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Swiss (Archaic), Medieval Portuguese, Medieval, Medieval Polish, Medieval Italian, Hungarian Mythology, Medieval German, Medieval French, German (Austrian, Archaic)
Gothic þiuda "people, folk" used as a standalone name, or a pet form of any of various names beginning with this element.
UROMOD m Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval, Old High German, German (Austrian, Archaic)
Gothic urus, Old Icelandic úrr, Old High German uro "aurochs" + Old High German muot "spirit; courage, boldness".
WITIREIKS m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Original Gothic form of WITERIC.
WULFILA m Ancient Germanic (Gothic)
Meaning "little Wolf".... [more]
WULFTRUDE f Old High German, Medieval French, Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval
Old High German wolf, Gothic wulf "wolf" + Proto-Germanic þrūþ "strength" or Proto-Germanic trut "maiden".