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Subject: Re: Is finally pregnant, but...
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: April 9, 2012 at 7:56:55 AM
Reply to: Is finally pregnant, but... by fluffien
Congrats! :)

Sybil - never cared for it, very dull and gray.
Eva - this is popular! it's in the top 100 and rising. I think it's too common but I do like Eve.
Aoife - I agree, you will always have to correct people and it is similar to Ava.
Charlotte - is way too common but I like Charlie.
Audie - is way too nicknamey. But I know an Autumn nn Autie which is cute. I dislike Audra but I like Audrey. Auden is another possibility.
Beatrix - I dislike the -trix part. I like Beatrice better.
Mina - kind of cute
Celeste - I love it, great meaning
Eveny - hmm is it EH-veh-nee or EE-veh-nee? Looks made up.


Eve, Evalena or Evalore
Ellery or Emery
Autumn nn Autie
Elaine nn Lainie

From your list my favorite is Celeste followed by Mina and Aoife.

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