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Given Name CHARLIE
GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: CHAHR-lee   [details]
Meaning & History
Diminutive or feminine form of CHARLES. A famous bearer is Charlie Brown, the main character in the comic strip 'Peanuts' by Charles Schulz.
actors, Adventure Time characters, Alien characters, athletes, BBC Class characters, diminutives, directors, Harry Potter characters, jazz, musicians, NATO phonetic alphabet, Nintendo characters, Power Rangers characters, Quantico characters, Reconstructing Amelia characters, Roald Dahl characters, song titles, Thomas and Friends characters, top 10 in Sweden, top 10 in the UK
Related Names
VARIANTS: Charley, Chas, Chaz, Chip, Chuck
FEMININE FORMS: Carla, Carlene, Charla, Karlene, Sharla
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Carolus, Karl (Ancient Germanic), Carles (Catalan), Karlo (Croatian), Karel (Czech), Carl, Karl (Danish), Karel (Dutch), Kaarle, Kaarlo, Karl, Kalle (Finnish), Charles, Charlot (French), Carl, Karl (German), Karolos (Greek), Kale (Hawaiian), Károly, Karcsi (Hungarian), Séarlas (Irish), Carlo (Italian), Sjarel (Limburgish), Karolis (Lithuanian), Carl, Karl (Norwegian), Karol (Polish), Carlos, Carlinhos, Carlito, Carlitos (Portuguese), Carol (Romanian), Karol (Slovak), Karel, Karol (Slovene), Carlos, Carlito, Carlitos (Spanish), Carl, Karl, Kalle (Swedish), Siarl (Welsh)
United States  ranked #227 for boys
 ranked #185 for girls
England and Wales  ranked #6 for boys
 ranked #455 for girls
Canada (BC)  - 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #23 for boys 
France  ranked #205 for boys
 ranked #103 for girls
Ireland  ranked #9 for boys 
Netherlands  ranked #358 for boys
 ranked #164 for girls
New Zealand  ranked #8 for boys
 ranked #66 for girls
Northern Ireland  ranked #4 for boys 
Scotland  ranked #10 for boys 
Sweden  ranked #8 for boys