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Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. shar-LEEZ

Meaning & History

Feminine form of CHARLES using the popular Afrikaans name suffix ize. This name was popularized by South African actress Charlize Theron (1975-), who was named after her father Charles.
Other Languages & CulturesCarolina(Ancient Germanic) Carla(Catalan) Karla, Karolina(Croatian) Karla, Karolína, Šarlota(Czech) Karla, Charlotte, Karolina, Karoline, Lotte(Danish) Carla, Carola, Carolien, Charlotte, Lotte(Dutch) Carla, Carlene, Charla, Charlee, Carolina, Charleen, Charlene, Charlotte, Lottie, Sharla, Sharleen, Sharlene, Tottie, Totty(English) Karoliina(Finnish) Carole, Caroline, Charline, Charlotte(French) Carla, Carola, Karla, Carolin, Charlotte, Karola, Karolina, Karoline, Lotte(German) Karola, Karolina, Sarolta(Hungarian) Séarlait(Irish) Carla, Carola, Carlotta, Carolina(Italian) Karolina(Lithuanian) Karolina(Macedonian) Karla, Charlotte, Karolina, Karoline, Lotte(Norwegian) Karolina(Polish) Carla, Carlota, Carolina(Portuguese) Karolina(Slovene) Carla, Carlota, Carolina(Spanish) Carola, Karla, Carolina, Charlotta, Charlotte, Karolina, Lotte, Lottie(Swedish)


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