Given Name CARLA

GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: KAR-la (Spanish, German), KAHR-lə (English), KAHR-lah (Dutch)  [details]

Meaning & History

Feminine form of CARLO, CARLOS or CARL.


Attack on Titan characters, Baccano characters, Cheers characters, Diabolik Lovers characters, Frasier characters, retired Atlantic hurricane names, Rock and Riot characters, storms, top 10 in Spain
VARIANTS: Carlene, Karlene (English)
DIMINUTIVES: Carley, Carlie, Carly, Karlee, Karly (English)
MASCULINE FORMS: Carlo (Italian), Carlos, Carlinhos, Carlito, Carlitos (Portuguese), Carlos, Carlito, Carlitos (Spanish), Carles (Catalan), Carl, Carol, Charles, Karl (English), Carl, Karl (German), Karel (Dutch)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Charlize (Afrikaans), Carolina (Ancient Germanic), Karla, Karolina (Croatian), Kája, Karolína (Czech), Karla, Caroline, Charlotte, Ina, Karolina, Karoline, Lina, Line (Danish), Iina, Karoliina, Liina (Finnish), Carole, Caroline, Charline, Charlotte, Line (French), Karola, Karolina, Lili (Hungarian), Séarlait (Irish), Karolina, Lina (Lithuanian), Karolina (Macedonian), Karla, Caroline, Charlotte, Ina, Karolina, Karoline, Lina, Line (Norwegian), Karolina (Polish), Karolina (Slovene), Carola, Karla, Carolina, Caroline, Charlotte, Ina, Karolina, Lina (Swedish)
Entry updated July 2, 2017