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Subject: Re: Names That Have Been On Your Mind Lately
Author: Ismene   (Authenticated as Madyson)
Date: September 30, 2012 at 12:57:18 PM
Reply to: Names That Have Been On Your Mind Lately by Billina
I like Jacinda, Marion and Liora. Paul is ok I just have a hard time picturing it on a little one. Duncan is too prep school for me. Howard is too old man and just not pleasant sounding. Cole is meh and Jasmine is verging on trashy.

Names that have been on my mind lately...

Meredith - I love the idea of Mare but maybe Meredith is more suitable? I can't see myself using Mary and Marion is out as it's the name of nearby town
Magnolia / Nola - I'm loving Nola lately but worry it may be too close to SO sister, Nora. Magnolia feels a bit to cumbersome as a FN
Sanaa - I saw this one in some movie credits the other day. I love the sound and meaning but worry pronunciation might be a problem

Layne - it's my MN and a family surname
Taj - I just love the easy coolness of it but will people think this odd on a caucasian child?
Roland / Rollo

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