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Subject: Re: Julia Lavender.
Author: Serafina Starstrider   (Authenticated as Serafina Starstrider)
Date: September 30, 2012 at 11:06:16 PM
Reply to: Julia Lavender. by Tuesday
Great combo.

I like Julia and I like Lavender. Both have the exact same feel to them, they remind me of sweet, mature, bookish young ladies. I've never actually known any Lavender's but the character Lavender from Matilda by Roald Dahl was that way. More than 2/3's of the Julia's I've known were sweet, mature, bookish girls.

Even though Julia was so popular in the 80's I don't feel that it seems dated. 7 years ago I felt Julia seemed dated but it seems fresh to me again. And Lavender isn't too unknown or out there.

So in conclusion I think Julia Lavender is a good sounding combo that also matches well. As someone else said Lavender goes well with Julia because Lavender spices up the combo since it is a less common name.


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