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Given Name JULIA
GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Юлия (Russian), Юлія (Ukrainian)
PRONOUNCED: JOO-lee-ə (English), YOO-lya (German, Polish), YOO-lee-ah (Swedish, Danish, Finnish), KHOO-lya (Spanish), YOO-lyi-yə (Russian), YOO-lee-a (Classical Latin)   [details]
Meaning & History
Feminine form of the Roman family name JULIUS. Among the notable women from this family were Julia Augusta (also known as Livia Drusilla), the wife of Emperor Augustus, and Julia the Elder, the daughter of Augustus and the wife of Tiberius. A person by this name has a brief mention in the New Testament. It was also borne by a few early saints and martyrs, including the patron saint of Corsica. Additionally, Shakespeare used it in his comedy 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona' (1594).

It has been common as a given name in the English-speaking world only since the 18th century. A famous modern bearer is American actress Julia Roberts (1967-).
actresses, Fire Emblem characters, martyrs, Nintendo characters, Reconstructing Amelia characters, saints, top 10 in Spain, top 10 in Sweden, top 10 in the Netherlands
Related Names
VARIANTS: Julie (English), Julie (German), Julie (Norwegian), Julie (Danish), Julie (Dutch), Julie (Spanish), Juliya, Yulia, Yuliya (Russian), Juliya, Yulia, Yuliya (Ukrainian), Iulia (Ancient Roman)
DIMINUTIVES: Jools, Jules (English), Lia, Lieke (Dutch), Julita (Polish)
MASCULINE FORMS: Julius (English), Julius (German), Julio (Spanish), Juliusz (Polish), Yuli, Yuliy (Russian), Iulius, Julius (Ancient Roman)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Yuliya (Bulgarian), Júlia (Catalan), Ghjulia (Corsican), Julija (Croatian), Julie (Czech), Julie, Juliette (French), Julitta (History), Júlia, Juli, Juliska, Lili (Hungarian), Iúile (Irish), Giulia, Giulietta (Italian), Jūlija (Latvian), Julija (Lithuanian), Júlia, Julie, Julinha (Portuguese), Iulia (Romanian), Júlia (Slovak), Julija (Slovene)
USER SUBMISSIONS: Júlía, Jûlia, Julià
United States  ranked #88 
England and Wales  ranked #86 
Canada (BC)  ranked #46 
Australia (NSW)  - 
Austria  ranked #16 
Belgium  ranked #36 
Catalonia  ranked #2 
Finland  ranked #50 
France  ranked #18 
Galicia  ranked #21 
Hungary  ranked #49 
Iceland  ranked #9 
Ireland  ranked #50 
Italy  - 
Netherlands  ranked #5 
Northern Ireland  ranked #97 
Norway  ranked #40 
Poland  ranked #3 
Portugal  ranked #48 
Scotland  ranked #79 
Slovenia  - 
Spain  ranked #8 
Sweden  ranked #10 
Switzerland  ranked #8