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Subject: Re: Callie
Author: Serafina Starstrider   (Authenticated as Serafina Starstrider)
Date: October 4, 2012 at 12:49:17 AM
Reply to: Callie by Lily
I like Callie as a nn. It reminds me of my cousin Callie. It also reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think it only happens once or twice in the books but I remember Pa called his wife Callie. I remember thinking it was weird since he usually called her Caroline or Ma and because I at first thought it was a misprint of Carrie since that was Laura's sister nn. But I could be misremembering, it has been so long since I read the books. Or it could have actually been a misprint of Carrie.

It is my first instinct to pronounce Callie and Cali the same. Pronouncing Cali as KAY-lee would seem odd to me.

I only like Callie / Cali as a nn. But I don't mind nn's like Callie as mn's though. I know it's very vintage to use nn's as full names like Nell or Nellie for example. I like a lot of vintage names but I almost never like nn's as names. I'm certain Callie can work on its own as a name, I just personally don't like it.

Out of your choices I like Callista "Callie", but my favorite is Callisto "Callie".

I prefer Callista over Calista. Calista just looks off to me.

I prefer Callista over Calliope.

I recently met a girl named Kallisti but you could spell it Callisti. The name is connected to the Apple of Discord.
I'm a big fan of the names Calanthe and Calanthia / Calanthea. I also like Calla. You could do Calantha or Calanthina. It's unusual as a name but Calamint also works.
Of course there is also Carolina, Carola, Carolyn, and Carol / Carole. I can't think of anything else and you already mentioned Calliope.


My Favorite Names:

Serafina, Fiona, Luna, Stella, Artemis, Callisto, Augustine, Genevieve, Freya, Juno, Andromeda, Frieda, Deirdre, Hazel, Miranda and Leona.

Keiran, Magnus, Arthur, Teagan, Cedric, Taliesin, Theron, Quinn, Fionn, Rowan, Julian, Fenris, Gavin, Xavier, Perseus, Damien and Cygnus

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