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Subject: Re: This or that
Author: humblebee   (Authenticated as humblebee)
Date: October 4, 2012 at 8:13:22 AM
Reply to: This or that by Lily
Ashley or Lindsay: Lindsay. I dislike it less.
Lindsey or Lindsay: Lindsay. It's always looked the "most correct" to me. Maybe the first Lindsays I met spelled it this way.
Sidney or Lindsay: Sydney. I like Sid/Syd as nicknames.
Sidney or Sydney: Sydney. I'm used to seeing Sydney for girls. I've only known a couple old men and one little boy named Sidney.
Callie or Cali: - Callie. I think it's prettier, and I tend not to like names that end in I. Most people would pronounce Cali the way you want, I think, because it's already familiar as a nn for California.
Calista nn Cali or Callista nn Callie: I'd split the difference to use my favorite spelling of both--Calista, nn Callie. I don't need the spelling of a nn to be included in the name, though. If forced to choose between these two, I'd pick the second option. I dislike Callista with two Ls, but not as much as I dislike Cali.

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