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Subject: Re: Random names from a book
Author: zizi   (Authenticated as zaki95)
Date: October 6, 2012 at 11:23:16 AM
Reply to: Random names from a book by Caprice
Valeria - nice
Lidia - not my style
Mitzi - ick
Miranda - nice
Mercedes - if you're Hispanic, it sounds fine. If you're not Hispanic, stay away from this name!
Aziza - beautiful
Bunty - I almost read it as Bounty. It sounds stereotypically Australian, even though obviously I've never heard of one
Rosario - like on a girl
Celestino - nice
Rufus - ick
Cesaria - reminds me of caesarian sections
Alpha - don't like it
Pelagia - pretty
Smilla - reminds me of Smilodon, the prehistoric saber-toothed tiger
Arvo - ???
Raoul - not my style
Gustave - nice
Ute - don't like it
Maryse - not my style
Dulce - it sounds nice in theory, but expect to get a lot of Dolce & Gabbana jokes unless you live in a Hispanic country. I know a Dulce of Portugese background and she gets tons of these.
Imre - nice
Levente - ???
Emiliana - nice
Lata - ???
Sinead - not my style
Sarit - not my style
Meryl - sounds like the name of a mean middle-aged woman
Comfort - ick.
Antanas - don't like it
Sascha - don't like it
Lucius - sounds kinda snooty, and the kid will probably get a ton of "Oh, like the Harry Potter character?"
Gailbraith - ???
Rozina - prefer Rosina
Bernadette - pretty
Randall - okay, as long as you don't go by Randy
Leonora - pretty
Joris - not my style
Reuben - nice
Jostein - ???
Ailu - ???
Eyal - not my style
Hugo - like it
Thornton - not my style
Roman - nice
Amalia - love it!
Cecile - nice
Probyn - ???
Lino - not my style
Compton - I heard that Compton is a horrible place to live. Why would you want your kid to be named that?
Bozena - ???
Vita - not my style
France - ???
Tobias - nice
Johanna - nioe
Romulo - not my style
Ofra - No. Reminds me of Oprah.

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