Given Name AMALIA

GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Αμαλια (Greek)
PRONOUNCED: ah-MAH-lee-ah (Dutch), a-MA-lya (German)  [details]

Meaning & History

Latinized form of the Germanic name Amala, a short form of names beginning with the element amal meaning "work".
VARIANTS: Amelia (Spanish), Amelia (Italian), Amelia (Dutch), Amelia, Amalie (German), Amelia, Amelina (Ancient Germanic)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Amalija (Croatian), Amálie (Czech), Amalie (Danish), Emmeline, Amelia, Amilia, Emelia, Emmaline, Emmalyn, Millie, Milly (English), Émeline, Amélie, Line (French), Amália (Hungarian), Amalija (Lithuanian), Amalie (Norwegian), Amelia (Polish), Amália, Amélia (Portuguese), Amália (Slovak), Amalija (Slovene)
USER SUBMISSIONS: Ámâlia, Amâlia, Amalía

Sources & References

  • Ernst Förstemann, Altdeutsches namenbuch (1900), page 89


Dutch royal family, Franz Kafka characters, Latinizations, Luxembourgish grand-ducal family, princesses, theatre
Entry updated December 8, 2017