Given Name MILLY

GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: MIL-ee (English)   [details]

Meaning & History

Diminutive of EMILIE, MILDRED and other names containing the same sound.


Code Geass characters, diminutives, Gundam characters, literature, song titles, Trigun characters
VARIANTS: Cammie, Em, Emmie, Emmy, Millie (English)
MASCULINE FORMS: Emil (Swedish), Emil (Norwegian), Emil (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Amalasuintha, Amalia, Amelia, Amelina (Ancient Germanic), Aemilia, Camilla (Ancient Roman), Mildþryð (Anglo-Saxon), Emilia, Emiliya (Bulgarian), Amalija, Emilija (Croatian), Amálie, Emílie, Kamila (Czech), Amalie, Camilla, Emilia, Emilie, Kamilla, Milla (Danish), Amalia, Amelia (Dutch), Camilla, Emilia, Emmi, Milla (Finnish), Amélie, Camille, Émeline, Émilie, Mélisande (French), Amalia, Amelia, Amelie, Camilla, Emilie, Amalie (German), Amalia (Greek), Amália, Emília, Kamilla (Hungarian), Emilía (Icelandic), Amalia, Amelia, Camilla, Emilia (Italian), Emīlija (Latvian), Amalija, Emilija, Kamilė (Lithuanian), Emilija (Macedonian), Melisende (Medieval French), Amelia, Emilia, Kamila (Polish), Amália, Amélia, Camila, Emília (Portuguese), Camilla (Roman Mythology), Amalia, Emilia (Romanian), Emilija (Serbian), Amália, Emília, Kamila (Slovak), Amalija, Emilija (Slovene), Amalia, Amelia, Camila, Emelina, Emilia (Spanish)