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Meaning & History

Diminutive of EMMA or EMILY.
VariantsEm, Emmy, Millie, Milly
Masculine FormEmil
Other Languages & CulturesEmma, Irma, Ima Ancient Germanic Aemilia Ancient Roman Emilia, Emiliya Bulgarian Ema, Emilija Croatian Ema, Emílie Czech Emilia, Emilie, Emma Danish Emma, Irma, Emmy, Ima Dutch Emilia, Emma, Irma, Emmi Finnish Émilie, Emma French Irma Georgian Emilie, Emma, Irma German Emília, Irma Hungarian Emilía, Emma Icelandic Emilia, Emma, Irma Italian Emīlija Latvian Emilija, Irma Lithuanian Emilija Macedonian Emilia, Emilie, Emma, Milly Norwegian Emilia Polish Ema, Emília Portuguese Emilia Romanian Emilija Serbian Ema, Emília Slovak Ema, Emilija Slovene Ema, Emilia, Emma, Irma Spanish Emelie, Emilia, Emilie, Emma, Milly Swedish


D H Lawrence characters, diminutives, Gone with the Wind characters
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