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Given Name MILLIE
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: MIL-ee   [details]
Meaning & History
Diminutive of MILDRED, MILLICENT and other names containing the same sound.
Moral Orel characters, top 10 in Scotland
Related Names
VARIANTS: Cammie, Em, Emmie, Emmy, Milly
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Amalasuintha, Amalia, Amelia, Amelina (Ancient Germanic), Aemilia, Camilla (Ancient Roman), Mildþryð (Anglo-Saxon), Emiliya (Bulgarian), Amalija, Emilija (Croatian), Amálie, Emílie, Kamila (Czech), Camilla, Emilia, Emilie, Kamilla, Milla (Danish), Amalia, Amelia (Dutch), Camilla, Emilia, Emmi, Milla (Finnish), Amélie, Camille, Émeline, Émilie, Mélisande (French), Amalia, Amalie, Amelia, Amelie, Camilla, Emilie (German), Amália, Emília, Kamilla (Hungarian), Emilía (Icelandic), Amalia, Amelia, Camilla, Emilia (Italian), Emīlija (Latvian), Amalija, Emilija, Kamilė (Lithuanian), Emilija (Macedonian), Melisende (Medieval French), Camilla, Emilia, Emilie, Kamilla, Milla, Milly (Norwegian), Amelia, Emilia, Kamila (Polish), Amália, Amélia, Camila, Emília (Portuguese), Camilla (Roman Mythology), Amalia, Emilia (Romanian), Emilija (Serbian), Amália, Emília, Kamila (Slovak), Amalija, Emilija (Slovene), Amalia, Amelia, Camila, Emelina, Emilia (Spanish), Camilla, Emelie, Emilia, Emilie, Kamilla, Milla, Milly (Swedish)
United States  ranked #435 
England and Wales  ranked #30 
Ireland  ranked #62 
New Zealand  ranked #46 
Scotland  ranked #20