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Amalia means "God's work" in Hebrew. It can also be used as a vernacular name for Malka.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
Also an ancient Greek name, from the word "amalos", means soft.
Damis  3/3/2005
Amalia was the name of the greatest Portuguese singer. She sang FADO like no one else in the world could do. Fado is a traditional type of music in Portugal. It's the tears of a guitar, the soul of two lovers.
Mary-Rach  3/29/2005
Amalia is also the second name (and common name) of Catharina Amalia, daughter of the Prince and Princess of Orange, who will inherit the Dutch throne after her father.
lala  6/1/2005
Personally, I like this name better than Amelia.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2006
German pronunciation: ah-MAH-lee-ah. [noted -ed]
JHK  11/3/2006
This is also the Dutch pronunciation. [noted -ed]
X-Mar  11/26/2006
Pronounced as "Ah-muh-lia".
Karcoolka  4/16/2007
They should put the Spanish and Portuguese usage as well. [noted -ed]
michi_vane  4/22/2007
I know someone named Amalia and her nickname is Mali.
Fencer  5/6/2007
Amalia´s pet forms: Amálka, Mia, Mali, Mala, Malczinka, Amalie.
Maggie_Simpson  6/5/2007
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "AH-MAH-lee-a".
Karcoolka  6/16/2007
Amalia is also the Czech form. Nameday: 10th July.
Janika  7/16/2007
Finnish name day: 19.5.
ToveTer  9/6/2007
This is also an Italian name. My great-grandmother was from northern Italy and she was named Amalia. In America she went by Mollie.
speranza82  10/14/2007
It's an alias that the character Ashelia uses in Final Fantasy XII.
Laurisgirl  1/2/2008
I love it, not quite as much as I love Amelia but still, it's a very pretty name.
Laurisgirl  1/2/2008
Listen to the German pronunciation of Amalia here:
_satu_  1/17/2008
Upon first impression, I thought this to be a variant of Amelia and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not. Nevertheless, this is an underused name that could replace the more common Amelia and Emily.

Also, the character from Final Fantasy XII was more often referenced simply as Ashe.
Bastien Rosier  2/1/2008
In the game Final Fantasy XII, the princess Ashelia B'nargin uses this as her alias.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2008
I suspect that the meaning of this name is derived from a Semitic language such as Hebrew or Arabic. The Arabic word for "work" is "amal" (ayin, mim, lam).
mlap8514  7/30/2008
Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau (given names: Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria; born December 07, 2003, The Hague, the Netherlands), is the first child of Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, the heir apparent to the throne of the Netherlands, and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, his spouse.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2008
Amalia Wilhelmine von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (21th April 1673 – 10th April 1742) was the daughter of Johann Friedrich, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, and Benedikte-Henriette of Simmern.
Emilie007  12/9/2008
This is a Polish version, too.
― Anonymous User  1/5/2009
I really like this name. I prefer it to Amelia, since Amalia's not as common.
bananarama  1/21/2009
The word "amal" is a Hebrew word, meaning - labor. Therefor, "Amalia" means "God's labor" in Hebrew; And therefor, obviously, it is also a Hebrew name.
Tadpole  1/29/2009
Amália Rodrigues was a Portuguese fado singer. She's considered the "Queen of Fado" and a worldwide known symbol of Portugal.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2009
This is my name, and I love it. The only problem is that people always think my name is Amelia (a name that I hate). I say it Uh-Molly-uh, and I go by Molly or Malia. It's a nice name because it's beautiful and pretty, but it can be shortened to so many normal names (Molly, Amy, Lia, Mia, etc.)
Amalia  2/16/2009
Amal means work in Hebrew and Arabic.
TheR  5/7/2009
Amalia is a chain of hotels in Greece.
Athena Nike  8/13/2009
Is it possible that Amalia came into usage during the time that Queen Amalia was the queen consort of Greece in the 19th century? Although this royal family was not Greek and not always popular she does seem to have left her mark:

"When she arrived in Greece as a Queen consort in 1837 she had an immediate impact on social life and fashion. She realized that her attire ought to emulate that of her new people, and so she created a romantic folksy court dress, which became a national Greek costume still known as the Amalia dress.

It follows the Biedermeier style, with a kaftan (êáâáäé) top over which is worn a richly embroidered jacket. It was completed with a cap or fez, traditionally worn by married women, or with the kalpaki (a toque) of the unmarried woman, to which was added the black veil for going to church.

This dress became the usual attire of all Christian townswomen in both Ottoman Empire-occupied and liberated Balkan lands as far north as Belgrade.

In the early years of the new monarchy, Queen Amalia, with her beauty and vivaciousness brought a spirit of smart fashion and progress to the impoverished country. She laboured actively towards social improvement and the creation of gardens in Athens, and at first won the hearts of the Greeks with her refreshing beauty. The city of Amalias and the village of Amaliapolis were named for the Queen."
― Anonymous User  8/23/2009
Anonymous User is right about the Amalia costume being the national Greek women's costume, although their description is very esoteric and doesn't sound like the (likely bastardized) version I know. The Amalia costume of today is a red velvet hat and jacket with gold trim, lace, and fancy embroidery. It's paired with a white blouse with a lace ruffle down the front and a floor length blue skirt, typically taffeta or satin.
kvpp88  11/1/2014
My aunt's name is Amalia and I think it is a beautiful name.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2010
Amalia Balash is a character in the musical "She Loves Me".
Kate  9/7/2010
Also Romanian. [noted -ed]
diolica  11/21/2010
One of my very favorite names. I like Lia as a nickname, and Amalia Rose sounds beautiful.
Dawson  12/4/2010
A variant of Amalia is Alma.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2010
I like it alright but for some reason it reminds me of goats.
Meapergirl  12/17/2011
Amalia was the youngest daughter of Emperor Francis II and his wife Maria Teresa. She died shortly after birth.
CarolinW  6/11/2012
Maria Amalia (1724-1730) was the younger sister of Maria Theresa of Austria.
CarolinW  6/11/2012
Maria Amalia (1780-1798) was one of the daughters of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II and his wife Maria Luisa of Spain.
CarolinW  6/12/2012
Amalia (1436-1501) was the oldest daughter of Frederick II, Elector of Saxony and his wife Margarete of Austria.
CarolinW  7/15/2012
Maria Amalia (1701-1756) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I and his wife Wilhelmine. She was married to Charles of Bavaria, who himself later became Holy Roman Emperor.
CarolinW  7/15/2012
Maria Amalia (1724-1760) was the daughter of Augustus III of Poland and his wife Maria Josepha.
CarolinW  7/18/2012
Maria Amalia (1746-1804) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and his wife Maria Theresia. She was the older sister of Marie Antoinette.
CarolinW  7/20/2012
Maria Amalia (1757-1831) was the daughter of Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony and his wife Maria Antonia.
CarolinW  7/20/2012
You can get the nickname Mali/Molly from this!
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
Unfortunately, Amalia has once again fallen out of the top 1000 after a brief stint. It's still relatively common, being given to 244 baby girls in the year 2012.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2013
Beautiful. This makes a great alternative to the nice but overused and trendy Amelia. I personally think its prettier :)
Oohvintage  7/16/2013
Doesn't Amal also mean - hope, expectation, aspiration - in arabic? It sounds beautiful for me.
selena13  4/22/2014
This form can be also used in Polish, though it's much less popular than Amelia. Pronunciation: ah-MAH-lyah.
szarakowo  6/13/2014
I love this name! Though I much prefer the variant Amarlia.
Abnie  4/4/2015
I think it's a stuck-up name! Bah!
Kaat5  5/26/2015
My nana's name, I love her so much! It means "hard worker" She is a hard worker!

Also my friend from Norway's name, She spells it Amalie, but some people pronounce it "om-ah-lay" like that girl from the movie Ameile.
firestar11  8/10/2015
The name sounds incredibly unflattering and harsh. Perhaps because it easily makes me think of the word "Maul" Maul. Mauled. Like someone mauled by a crazed animal.

Amelia is just so much softer and nicer. There's a reason why this name (Amelia) is more common.
― Anonymous User  9/18/2015
I change my mind about this name. I now think of Amalia to be an acceptable and decent enough name. I used to not care for it at all but now that I gave it some thought, I find that I can tolerate this name and remove it from my list of "my disliked names within the top 1000."
And I believe that Amalia could be a nice name to use to honor someone named "Molly" if pronounced as Ah-MAH-lee-uh. Amalia can be said as Ah-mah-LEE-uh as well. Both pronunciations are nice.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2016
This is a very pretty name. I knew an Amalia once, who didn't use a nickname, and the name didn't sound bizarre or pretentious in the real world at all. I also like that, in using Amalia rather than the similar Amelia, you avoid having "meal" stuck in the middle of the name.
erb816  10/12/2015
I love this name! It was also the name of my friend who moved to Norway, and I find the name so pretty.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2016
Greek name, pronounced "ah-mah-LEE-ah" and written Αμαλία. [noted -ed]
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  2/18/2017
Natalie Portman named her daughter Amalia Portman-Millipied (born February 22, 2017) this. I didn't know it was a Hebrew name, but that makes sense because she is Jewish. It looks sort of like Amelia, though less common.
EstherTester  3/3/2017
Princess Amalia of Nassau is a Luxembourgish princess and the eldest child of Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg. She's the first and only granddaughter and third grandchild of Grand Duke Henri. She is currently third in the line of succession, behind her paternal uncle Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and her father. She has a brother, Prince Liam of Nassau.
cutenose  4/6/2017
The name Amalia was given to 357 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Amalia are female.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
A Hebrew origin might have preceded the Germanic one. "Amal" (biblical) means work, labor; "-ia" a suffix signifying the Hebrew name of God. Hence Amal-ia, "the labor of god". Probably as in worshiping or toiling in the service of God in some other way.
Nahum  3/10/2018

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