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Subject: Names that don't "fit"
Author: Norah Namenerd   (Authenticated as Norah Namenerd)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 9:56:42 AM
Recently I went back to my hometown and ran into this girl that I had known as a tiny baby. I hadn't seen her in 14 years-- now she is really tall, way into sports, has super short hair and is very chunky (I'm not dissing on chunky tomboys, I happen to be something of one myself). I thought she was a boy when I saw her. She had some illness that caused brain damage when she was a baby, and possibly as a result she is now in special ed classes and often gets in trouble for violence. I mention this because her name is... Beatrice.

It's just weird because I always picture Beatrices as feminine, serene, bookish waifs and this Beatrice is the exact opposite, and it just seemed like a crazily ill-fitting name.

Do you ever meet people whose names just don't seem to fit? Should one factor this in when naming kids? (i.e., name the future tomboy as well as the bookish waif) and if so, are there any names that fit every type? I think people have a tendency to unconsciously picture their future children as being like them and pick a name suitable for that lifestyle... or maybe just namenerds overthink these things!

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