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Subject: Re: Milo?
Author: Siân   (Authenticated as Sharley)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 7:31:51 PM
Reply to: Milo? by MoCro
I LOVE Milo. I'd love to use it as well.

I agree that I don't think future generations will even know what Milo & Otis is so I don't foresee that being a problem.

I do think I would make it a little more grown up by using Miles and calling him Milo as a pet form. Miles would look better on a job application or desk name plate.

Milo Rowan
Milo Fintan / Finnan
Milo Emerson
Milo Ronan
Milo Alexander -Miles Alexander has always been my favourite.
Milo Sebastian
Milo Julius / Julian
Milo Avery
Milo Brennan
Milo Alasdair / Alastair
Milo Sullivan
Milo Eamon
Milo Tiernan
Milo Dominic
Milo Lawson
Milo Oliver
Milo Quinn
Milo Flynn
Milo Spencer
Milo Elliott

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