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Subject: Shortlist Opinions/Questions
Author: Korinna   (Authenticated as Korinna)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 10:13:19 PM
Quick questions:

1. How do you feel about Coralie nn Cora? How usable is it? This is a very recent addition to my shortlist, so I am just curious. It's one of those names that almost seems too good to be true...

2. Also, if you had to make a sibset (or sibsets) from this list, what would you pair together?

3. What do you honestly think of my naming style?

All other opinions on the names are welcome. Thank you.

Rosalie Indira Bernadette (“Rose”)
Evelyn Dahlia Miriam / Evelyn Dahlia Madhuri (“Evie”)
Coralie Emma Azalea (“Cora”)
Nora Susannah Lilith
Ariana Lillian Zosia / Ariana Lillian Zahra (“Ari”)
Asha Violet
Adelind Sarah Hazel (“Lindy”)
Talia Cecily (“Tal”)
Tara Anjali (prn. TAHR-a, would also be called Anjali, given the father is Indian hehe)

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