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Subject: Re: Zoe
Author: Perrine   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: February 17, 2018 at 8:04:13 AM
Reply to: Re: Zoe by foxgloves
Zoe is at #35 and Zoey is at #26. That already makes it very common and we didn't even add Zoie, Zoee etc. yet which are also being used. If you don't know many that might be because it isn't common in your area or because you don't know many children in that age group. In England it's only at #92 but it used to be as high as #31 so I guess it's a bit out of style there. In the US #30 was the highest Zoe went up to (so it has gone down a bit) Zoey was in the top 20 at #20 (so it has lost popularity too). You should check a combined spellings list my guess is that it would have been in the top 15. Not trying to talk you out of it, I love Lily which is crazy common. It's just something to be aware of because these statistics are pretty reliable and even if you don't know any now she might encounter many other Zoes and Zoeys at school. It makes me sad how Zoey is more popular than Zoe :(

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