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Given Name LILY
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: LIL-ee   [key]
Meaning & History
From the name of the flower, a symbol of purity. The word is ultimately derived from Latin lilium.
Related Names
DIMINUTIVES: Leanna, Liana, Lillia
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Liliya, Lilyana (Bulgarian), Ljiljana (Croatian), Lilly (Danish), Lilja, Lilli (Finnish), Lili, Liliane, Lilianne (French), Lili, Lilli (German), Lili, Liliána (Hungarian), Lilja (Icelandic), Líle (Irish), Liliana, Liana (Italian), Lilija (Latvian), Lilija (Lithuanian), Liljana (Macedonian), Lilly (Norwegian), Liliana (Polish), Liliana, Liana (Portuguese), Lílian (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Liliana, Liana (Romanian), Lilia, Liliya, Lilya (Russian), Lileas, Lilias, Lillias (Scottish), Ljiljana, Ljilja (Serbian), Lilijana (Slovene), Liliana (Spanish), Lilly (Swedish), Lilia, Liliya, Lilya (Ukrainian)
United States  ranked #24 
England and Wales  ranked #13 
Canada (BC)  ranked #14 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #24 
Belgium  ranked #38 
Denmark  ranked #26 
France  ranked #55 
Ireland  ranked #11 
Netherlands  ranked #92 
New Zealand  ranked #20 
Northern Ireland  ranked #15 
Scotland  ranked #12 
Switzerland  -