Given Name LILJA

GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: LIL-yah (Icelandic), LEEL-yah (Finnish)  [details]

Meaning & History

Icelandic and Finnish cognate of LILY.
VARIANT: Lilli (Finnish)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Liliya, Lilyana (Bulgarian), Ljiljana (Croatian), Lilly (Danish), Lilian, Lillia, Lillian, Lily, Leanna, Liana, Liliana, Lilliana, Lillie, Lilly (English), Lili, Liliane, Lilianne (French), Lili, Lilli (German), Lili, Liliána (Hungarian), Líle (Irish), Lilia, Liliana, Liana (Italian), Lilija (Latvian), Lilija (Lithuanian), Liljana (Macedonian), Lilly (Norwegian), Liliana (Polish), Liliana, Liana (Portuguese), Lílian (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Liliana, Liana (Romanian), Lilia, Liliya, Lilya (Russian), Lileas, Lilias, Lillias (Scottish), Ljiljana, Ljilja (Serbian), Lilijana (Slovene), Lilia, Liliana (Spanish), Lilly (Swedish), Lilia, Liliya, Lilya (Ukrainian)


flowers, nature, plants
Entry updated December 3, 2014