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Subject: Re: well...
Author: Lilith   (guest)
Date: January 4, 2002 at 3:57:41 PM
Reply to: well... by Silver
Drefan? Blast, there goes my theory. -_- Debt of Bones isn't a novel, it's a short story - I guess it's not part of the Sword of Truth series, but it does include some characters from it. Zeddicus, Zorander, etc. Same world, at least. :)

Wheel of Time I've heard a lot about; I read a short story from that too. I tend more towards collections of fantasy short stories than novels now. I haven't actually read any of the books you've listed, but I've heard of most of them.

Currently I'm reading the Discworld bunch by Terry Pratchett - very silly, but some of the best satires and parodies I've read; not just for the sarcasm. I love his characters. :) Since I sort of stopped reading a lot when I hit high school, not having the time, my fantasy read includes people like Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, more for younger people. All right, I am a younger people. Person. But still. Well...I think Mercedes Lackey is for younger people. My friends get annoyed because I always make fun of her books and they like them. ^_^ They're entertaining, but I don't really like her writing much.

All I've read by Tolkien was "The Hobbit," which, admittedly, I didn't like much, but I'm quite willing to give him the benefit of the doubt after the glorious wonderful movie. Plus the poor guy went to the trouble of even making up languages - gotta respect that. I could never do it convincingly. Tolkien can write, but his writing is from a different style than what's popular today. I've noticed that I tend to dislike many older stories because they have different writing styles - more elevated language and less clear images, at least for me. I usually only use big words when I'm being facetious. :)

And notice how I ramble on when the subject turns to fantasy. I complain a lot about the genre, but deep down inside I guess I love it. Which should be obvious to me, considering that's pretty much all I read nowadays.


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