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Subject: hows chinese...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 8, 2002 at 7:59:02 PM
Reply to: This may sound wierd...But I need a name for my computer by Nick
i have a chinese dictionary... thing...
i dont even know what dialect, but it has been very reliable in the past.
I looked up computer, it came up with - Diannao
Cooperation - Hezuo
and the most unorthodox and bizzarre way to come up with names.
I sounded out howard, and got the chinese letters that would likely be used to spell it.
Then found out what those letters mean.
You can get a name that is from one of these letters (I have to much time on my hands.)
The words I got and names for each, and names for each.
Goods/Produce - Qasim
Matter/Substance - no names :(
Love - Carwyn, Erasmus, Eros, Lubomir, Philo (isnt thata type of dough?), Prem
Big + Man/ Congress of the People - Tai, Alexander, there is lots for 'man'

I think howard and Diannao sound like a wonderful pair :) Or Why not 2 'H's Howard and Hezuo.
Zuo is often an old term for a dragon. Dragon's flame can be orange, like your computer?
(is this logical whatsoever...)
Have fun upon your naming endevours!
And a Domo Arragato ^_^

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