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Subject: "interesting" indeed (more)
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: January 21, 2002 at 1:31:57 AM
Reply to: some names you don't have by Missiy (Melissa)
First i would like to point out that customarily the man who half created the children really should get a decision in naming the kids.
Secondly, the world is over populated enough, 2 kids fulfills you and your mates life.
Third, perhaps you might want to know what their last names will be, maybe it could make those names sound even worse.
Fourth, it is also customary to pick names that flow nicely or have meaning to them, instead of a jumble of random words and mispelt names.
Fifth, how can you control how many, and their sex?
Six, whats with the 2 middle names?
Seven, my thoughts to those "names"

Arriona - is this pronounced different then Ariana, or did the originator have spelling problems?
Innocence - given names like this, children tend to go in the opposite dirrection. I don't even think a stripper would name herself this, he word doesnt flow, nevermind as a name. What can you call someone named Innocence for short? Innie?
Heaven - again children seem to rebel agains such names, and again what can you call them for short? Heavy? lmao, I do think this is a GREAT stripper name tho :)
Arriona Innocence Heaven - doesnt flow
Castlor - is name from the word Castrate? or Castor, like the name of the evil villian in Face Off, at least its not a boy..
Breena - from Breen? adding an 'a' doesnt make it any better or unique.
Elizibeth - usually a lovely name except when put after sumthing that sounds like it could clean my water, and before the removement of the male genitalia
Devin - who cant spell Devi or Kevin?
Isiah and Micheal - some good biblical choices here, maybe he can keep Innie Heavy on His gilded path
Caspian - i think i am going to name my child Dead, or Red, what do you think of Medditerrenian?
Jeremiah and Logan - nice normal names... put after a body of water...
Eligah - is this pronounced like the 'gah' is a toad chocking? you do realize this name is male right? so either ur giving a girl a boy name, or you are giving a boy a mispelt name with several cruel middle names
Faith and Angel - the same deal with Innocence and Heaven, are you perhaps a Buffy the Vampire fan?

Why not name them Xander, Willow, Angel, Spike, and Buffy. Or name one Cordielia.
or in the use of using 'pretty' words why not Peachy, Pretty, Cool, Limbo...
BTW none of those names flow.
Sorry if i come off really irritated, its very late, and... im not a shy person, i tell ppl whats on my mine.
Just thought you should know :)


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