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Subject: I just love the movie the Lion King...
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: January 30, 2002 at 1:00:03 PM
Lion King is one of my all time favourite movies, and may i mention all time grossing movies, #7 to be exact.
And no offence to all, I don't think Titanic is worthy of the status it has, so that makes Lion King #6 :)
Some of the names from the movies, both one and two, Simba's Pride, are on here, I'm more interested in the ones that arent.

Simba - 'lion' (African, Swahili)
Nala - is this a variant of Naila - attainer (Arabic), is Naila pronounced like the english word 'nail' plus 'ah' sound? And in a movie based in the Savanna of Africa, I don't see why they would use an Arabic name. Attainer does suit the character though.
Vitani - I couldn't help but notice this is similar to Invatawny. But I had that name long before the movie came out. Vitani is Kovu's and Nuka's sister in the second movie, and daughter to Zira.
Zira - could this be a variant of Zarah (- Either "splendor, radiance" from Arabic zahr or "flower" from Arabic zahra) again, why would they choose a Arabic name, and Zira is the lioness bent on killing Simba, this name doesn't suit :S
Nuka - Older brother to Vitani and Kovu, son of Zira, appears in second movie and dies. Anyone know what the name means?
Zazu - the bird in both movies, whats this name mean? neone know? :)
Timon - "to honour" from Greek timan, greek... wierd, and for the muskrat, or what ever he is again
Pumbaa - the warthog, in both movies, I don't know what this name means
Rafiki - the crazy monkey, could this be a variant of Rafiq - Either "friend" or "gentle" (Arabic), this name would make sence
Kovu - Appears in the second movie, trained to kill Simba, but falls in love with his daughter Kiara. Could this be a variant of Kofi? - "born on Friday" (African, Akan), at least it's African
Kiara - "black" from Irish ciar??? Irish??? your kidding? Maybe its southren Ireland, how far south, Algeria...
Mufasa - Simba's father. I don't knwo this name either, might not be spelt right.
Serabi - Simba's mother. I don't know if this is spelt right, or what it could mean.

And just for fun, does anyone know what Mulan means?

Thanks you guys :)
BTW I like the name Vitani :) I'm hoping it can help with maybe where i got the name Invatawny.
Everyone have a good day ^_^


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