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Meaning & History

Variant of CIARA (1) or CHIARA. This name was brought to public attention in 1988 after the singing duo Kiara released their song 'This Time'. It was further popularized by a character in the animated movie 'The Lion King II' (1998).
Masculine FormClair
Other Languages & CulturesClara Catalan Klara Croatian Klára Czech Clara, Klara Danish Claire French Clara, Klara German Klára Hungarian Klara Icelandic Ciara, Kiera Irish Chiara, Clara, Chiarina, Claretta Italian Clara Late Roman Klāra Latvian Klara Norwegian Klara Polish Clara Portuguese Clara Romanian Klara Russian Klára Slovak Klara Slovene Clara Spanish Clara, Klara Swedish Klara Ukrainian
User SubmissionKiara


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