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Given Name CHIARA
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Italian
PRONOUNCED: KYA-ra   [details]
Meaning & History
Italian form of CLARA. Saint Chiara (commonly called Saint Clare in English) was a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi.
actresses, saints
Related Names
DIMINUTIVES: Chiarina, Claretta
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Clara (Catalan), Klara (Croatian), Klára (Czech), Clara, Klara (Danish), Claire, Clara, Clare, Claribel, Clarinda, Kiara, Clarette, Kiarra, Kierra (English), Claire (French), Clara, Klara (German), Klára (Hungarian), Klara (Icelandic), Clara (Late Roman), Klāra (Latvian), Klara (Norwegian), Klara (Polish), Clara (Portuguese), Clara (Romanian), Klara (Russian), Klára (Slovak), Klara (Slovene), Clara (Spanish), Clara, Klara (Swedish), Klara (Ukrainian)
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Switzerland  ranked #25