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Subject: :) Nice to meet a fellow writer :)
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: February 1, 2002 at 8:26:25 AM
Reply to: Re: by Hayley
The plots all sound very interesting, I will be truthful with out though and I don't like books that deal with magic, especially magical 'things'.
It's in part because of my religion and my main book.
I like the one where they can control water and electricty, because that is similar to how 'powers' are dealt with in my alliance series books.
They deal with energy, there are 5 elements, Celestial, Fire, Air, Earth and Water.
Each of those has 4 sub-elements, except fire is just fire.
Those 5 elements in perfect balance gives the elements light and dark.
Light energy is drawn with feelings of happiness, and love, whereas dark is drawn with feelings of anger and hate.
I would love to know more about your books, I enjoy talking to serious writers, but I don't think this is the place for it.
My email is .
Fell free to email me to tell me more, or i love when ppl ask questions about my books, I have 19 in total.
Some of their plots need a lot of work, and i have one more not counted in the 19 that doesnt have a title, all i can think of for it is 'Tainted Love' after i saw that disturbed video by Marilyn Manson -shudders-
And I think I have one book that's going to split into two books, as a few others have done.
Sage of Sirens and Aphrodite's Daughters.
Which makes 21. And there is another which need to be split. By the titles arent there yet.
As I said, please email me :)


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