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Subject: Thanks everyone!!
Author: Gia Nadine   (guest)
Date: February 26, 2002 at 1:32:19 PM
Ugh.... you know after I posted the name request I went into labor that night! Funny how things happen! Kaylee wasnt exactly what I was looking for but it fits her so well!!!
Ok at 4 in the morning on the 21st I started having contractions, and at 4:34pm Kaylee was here!!! Only 12 1/2 hours of labor and only 9 1/2 hours of consistant labor not to bad!! I think I pushed for like an hour and a half! Ryan was there but not in the room (he is afraid of inclosed rooms). Though everytime a nurse came out he would ask if I had her yet! LOL
Kaylee Marie's stats:
7 lbs 12 oz
20.5 inches long
born: Feb. 21st 2002 @ 4:34pm
13.5 inch head

to see pics you will have to do this the hard way but:
click on the first impressions logo
hospital id: 2045
baby id: 501083
mothers name: Diana

Love- Gia

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