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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Pronounced Pron. MA-REE(French)

Meaning & History

French and Czech form of MARIA. A notable bearer of this name was Marie Antoinette, a queen of France who was executed by guillotine during the French Revolution. Another was Marie Curie (1867-1934), a physicist and chemist who studied radioactivity with her husband Pierre.

In France it is occasionally used as a masculine name in pairings such as Jean-Marie.
VariantsMaria(German) Maria, Marilyn, Mary, Maree(English) Mari, Maria(Swedish) Mari, Maria(Norwegian) Mari, Maria(Danish)
DiminutivesManon, Marianne, Marielle, Mariette, Marion, Marise(French) Madlenka, Maja, Marika(Czech) Marianne(German) Mae, Mamie, Marianne, Mariel, Marinda, Marion, May(English) Marianne(Swedish) Marianne(Norwegian) Marianne(Danish)
Other Languages & CulturesMarietjie(Afrikaans) Mariam, Maryam(Arabic) Mariam(Armenian) Maria, Miren, Maia(Basque) Maryia(Belarusian) Mary, Miriam(Biblical) Maria, Mariam(Biblical Greek) Miriam(Biblical Hebrew) Maria(Biblical Latin) Mari(Breton) Maria, Mariya(Bulgarian) Maria, Mariona, Ona(Catalan) Maria(Corsican) Marija, Maja, Mara, Mare, Marica, Marijeta, Maša, Mojca(Croatian) Maria, Marjo, Mirjam, Jet, Jette, Maaike, Manon, Marianne, Marieke, Mariëlle, Mariëtte, Marijke, Marijse, Marike, Mariska, Marita, Marja, Marjan, Meike, Mia, Mieke, Miep, Mies, Ria(Dutch) Maarja, Mari, Mirjam, Maarika, Mare, Marika(Estonian) Maria(Faroese) Maaria, Maria, Marja, Marjaana, Marjo, Mirjam, Mirjami, Jaana, Maarika, Maija, Mari, Marianne, Marika, Marita, Maritta, Marjatta, Marjukka, Marjut, Miia, Mirja(Finnish) Maria, Maike, Mareike(Frisian) María, Maruxa(Galician) Mariam, Mariami, Meri, Marika(Georgian) Maria, Marietta, Marika(Greek) Maryamu(Hausa) Malia, Mele(Hawaiian) Miriam(Hebrew) Mariamne(History) Mária, Mara, Mari, Marica, Marietta, Marika, Mariska(Hungarian) María, Mæja(Icelandic) Máire, Maura, Moira, Mairenn, Máirín, Mallaidh, Maureen, Maurine, Moyra(Irish) Maria, Marianna, Mariella, Marietta, Mimi(Italian) Marija(Latvian) Marija(Lithuanian) Marija, Maja, Mare(Macedonian) Moirrey, Voirrey(Manx) Mere(Maori) Malle, Molle(Medieval English) Maria(Occitan) Maryam(Persian) Maria, Maja, Marika, Maryla, Marzena(Polish) Maria, Mariana, Mariazinha(Portuguese) Maria(Romanian) Maria, Mariya, Marya, Manya, Maryana, Masha(Russian) Márjá(Sami) Maria(Sardinian) Màiri, Maura, Moira, Moyra(Scottish) Marija, Maja, Mara, Marica(Serbian) Mária, Maja, Marika(Slovak) Marija, Mirjam, Maja, Mare, Marica, Maša, Mojca(Slovene) Marja(Sorbian) María, Marita(Spanish) Maritza(Spanish (Latin American)) Meryem(Turkish) Maria, Mariya(Ukrainian) Maryam(Urdu) Meryem(Uyghur) Mair, Mairwen, Mari(Welsh) Mirele(Yiddish)
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Marie Curie (1911)Marie Curie (1911)


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